Dec 28, 2007

K-Bull 93 FM...Utah's New Country Leader!

As Linda has been out of the office this week and she is the only one who puts up a huge fuss about listening to country music, we've been listening to country at work. The songs always get stuck in my head because they're simple enough that they just do that. It's kind of irritating.

It's interesting to hear the political discussion on that station. They don't have a ton, but it leaks out and is always amusing. I'm pretty sure country music listeners in the state of Utah are the only people on earth who still think George W. Bush is a truly great president.

On Thursday, they were having a discussion about making US flags mandatory for every public school classroom (you can read about the push to do this in Utah here). Not a single person that called in had anything bad to say about this. The main arguments seemed to be something like: Is it more important to have flags in schools because it teaches them to support our troops or because it teaches them to vote for people with strong Christian morals? I have no idea how these are even related to having a flag in the classroom, but K-Bull listeners seemed to connect these all easily.

I was tempted to call in and say something like "Are you kidding me? Don't you think Utah lawmakers should have something better to do with their time and taxpayer money than push useless bills like this that are clearly only made to win the votes of people like the kind of people who listen to this radio station? And do you people honestly think having lots of flags around equals patriotism? How about we make a rule that we hang science books in every classroom to make kids get better test scores? How about encouraging something that helps children actually learn about their country in school to instill real patriotism, not this 'support America like it's a sports team' mentality?" But, of course, I just continued working and let it fester until it became the blog post you have before you now.

Dec 22, 2007

Two Things:

1) "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5 is one of the absolute dumbest songs I've ever heard. When it comes on the radio at work, I go to the bathroom whether I need to or not.

2) It's fun to look at the search engine statistics on this blog and see some of the random things that I'll get hits from. Out of the 48 hits I've gotten from search engines this month, these were the five most amusing keywords:
  • photos of the inside of photoautotroph
  • flexing the butt, singing
  • how many children does kurt bestor have
  • how is going these days
  • brother kills sister wrestling
For the people who searched hoping to find information on photoatuotrophs, Kurt Bestor, or accidental deaths of a sibling, it's just a shame what they didn't get the information they needed, but crazy that they got to this site. For the other two...who the heck searches "flexing the butt, singing" or "how is going these days" (I can't even imagine what they were looking for when searching this)?

Dec 20, 2007

50 Things About Me

An ex-boyfriend's friend's wife who I always really liked did this on her blog once upon a time (you can see it here, if you're interested), and I always thought it was a good idea.

Anyone who knows me well will know most of these, but I don't think anybody knows all of them and it's random enough that it shouldn't be too boring of a read for even those that do know most. If I'm wrong, I apologize.
  1. I prefer sad endings to happy ones.
  2. I am courageous when it comes to things where the worst that could happen is getting caught and punished or embarrassing myself, but spineless when the worst that could happen involves physical pain.
  3. I can play Minesweeper for hours and be perfectly content.
  4. When I'm walking somewhere and see a cat nearby, I always stop to pet it and am very disappointed when it runs away from me.
  5. I hate when the clothes have the brand printed prominently on them.
  6. I love moving.
  7. When presented with any sort of artsy career (poet, painter, ballerina, name it), I spend the next hour or so horribly jealous that I don't have a job like that.
  8. I wear a skirt or dress roughly three times a week.
  9. My greatest fear is to be called down on The Price Is Right. I know I'd never put myself in a situation where that would be a possibility, but still...I would do horribly on that game.
  10. My favorite ice cream flavors are always chocolate-based.
  11. I love nearly anything involving lace because it's so feminine.
  12. I wish I had the time and talent to always sew my own clothes, cut my own hair, make my own make-up, etc.
  13. One of my greatest faults is I let myself get pushed around a lot and I hate it.
  14. Often when I get my blood pressure taken, the person taking it will comment on how low it is and I'm always proud of it even though it's almost entirely my gene's fault.
  15. When living with roommates, I always forget to do the dishes on my day.
  16. Most days I drink a lot more water than the recommended 8ish glasses/day.
  17. I wish there were more opportunities to dance in this world.
  18. I have believed in love at first sight since my Senior year of high school because my English teacher, Mrs. Helton, told us she has experienced it and I trust her.
  19. I cannot get up out of bed right when I wake up. I prefer a good half-an-hour of lie there and think time, and hate that I don't get that often.
  20. I'm a romantic, but tend to date guys who are more romantic than I am.
  21. I've have a bear that I've had since I was a baby that I still sleep with because it feels more comfortable to hold something against my breast when I'm falling asleep.
  22. The think I miss most from high school is playing in band, as nerdy as that is.
  23. I love hanging out with my siblings more than any other group of people.
  24. People are often impressed with how much I can eat for a girl of my build.
  25. I constantly feel the yearning to travel but never have answers for questions that start with something like "If you could visit anywhere in the world...".
  26. When I was in elementary school and junior high, I would sometime pretend to have crushes on boys so that nobody would find out who I really had a crush on. Now I have no idea what the use of keeping it so secret was.
  27. I don't like having to follow recipes or patterns or instructions of any kind to do something because then you're making it exactly like how someone else has made it.
  28. I like shopping alone far better than with someone.
  29. I have a very hard time asking for help.
  30. I despise picky eaters and instantly judge people when I hear "I don't like pickles," or the like.
  31. My blood type is B Negative.
  32. I've been in love with 3.5 men in my lifetime and it got much better with each one.
  33. The thing that has shaped my character more than any other factor is being born and raised in the Mormon church and I'm perfectly okay with it.
  34. I like veggie-lovers pizza the best.
  35. In all cases I can think of, I prefer the British spelling of words to American, though will often still use the American so nobody thinks I'm trying to impress anyone.
  36. I've never thought of someone as an enemy and find the concept very hard to grasp.
  37. My favorite sport to watch is football and my favorite to play is soccer.
  38. I'll eat every last thing I have before I go grocery shopping and wear every last article of clothing I own before I do laundry even though I like grocery shopping and laundry.
  39. My two favorite states for my feet: barefoot or in heels.
  40. Isaac Mizrahi once said something about buying things that are either very cheap or very expensive and nothing in between and I immediately decided this is how I would live my life.
  41. I don't have the patience to play a full game of chess.
  42. My favorite numbers = y in the equation y=x^2 when x is a whole number.
  43. The people who are dearest to me are those that I can spend time with and not say a thing but not be bored in the slightest.
  44. When the weather is nice I walk anywhere I can and experiment with different routes to find the most interesting one.
  45. When I was a child, I often judged how much I liked a fictional character solely by how pretty they were. Personality had nearly no play in who my favorite Planeteer was or whatever the case may be.
  46. The only food I don't like is mandarin oranges.
  47. I rarely sneeze just once; it always comes in sets. Normal is three to six sneezes in quick succession. My record is thirteen.
  48. One of my goals in life is to vote for a 3rd party candidate, but I doubt the right one will come along.
  49. I get mad at myself when I sleep past noon on Saturday mornings, not because I've wasted half the day sleeping, but because I've missed Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, my favorite radio program and, unfortunately, one of the few news sources of late.
  50. I like my meat rare and my baked goods slightly undercooked. (and feel like I've had too many food-related facts about me here, but oh well.

Dec 17, 2007

One of the guys

My entire life, my friend groups have always been primarily female, with a few males sprinkled in there. This semester has been different. My female friends all moved to foreign countries (or, in some cases, the other side of Provo, which is somehow almost equally hard to deal with) or got married or in some other way abandoned me, and we already know how I feel with the current girls I'm surrounded with. So I've spent lots of time hanging out with Trevor's friends, because they're generally awesome and don't seem to mind having me around.

Some effects of this:
  • I say "dude" far more often than I would like.
  • Saying things like "my uterus hurts" prompts all sorts of uncomfortableness, followed by several timid questions that begin with, "While we're on the subject, I've always wondered..."
  • I know far more about video games than I ever expected to in my life. Especially if it's Super Smash Bros. I spend an embarrassing amount of time with that game.
  • I will still never like action films or think penis jokes are that funny.
  • The people I hang out with the most are "Heffy", "James the Healer", "Crigger", "The Gimp", etc. I occasionally forget these people have real names.
  • I thought stealing the reserved parking sign that says "Zarbock" on it was a brilliant idea because his name sounds like he should be an goblin king or an orc warlord.
  • Occasionally I have to say things like "I know I'm wearing two different houndstooth pattern things at the same time and they aren't really coordinated but...please don't judge me," to nobody in particular to remind everyone (mostly myself) that I am a girl.
  • I participated in the 24-inch challenge at Sensuous Sandwich.

Dec 16, 2007

Hymn Pet Peeves

Today we sang "Behold, The Great Redeemer Die" in sacrament meeting and it has prompted a post that has been brewing for years, as posts about pet peeves often do, festering and eating me away until I finally must expose it to the eyes of others, in hopes that this will somehow ease the pain. For some reason, and I know this is ridiculous, I have more pet peeves when it comes to the singing of hymns than with nearly any other subject. Here is my list of grievances:

1. First, I must discuss the leaving off of the last verses simply because they are not in the actual music part of the page, as this prompted this post. Those of you who are not familiar with the way hymns are set up in a typical Mormon hymnal, you can view a page here. As you can see, four of the verses are in the music, but then, to save space, two of the verses are down below. Unfortunately, people often only sing (as happened in our sacrament meeting today) the verses that are in the music, as if the ones below are optional. This makes no sense whatsoever. Do people read the first four stanzas of a poem and figures that's good enough to get the message because the other two stanzas are on the next page in the book? No. Especially as the last stanza is often the most important. In the case of "Behold the Great Redeemer Die" all of the verses are about Christ's death until the last, which starts out "He lives--he lives." The whole point of Christ's death is that it wasn't the end and he saved mankind by conquering death. It makes so much more sense to end the hymn with the expression of desire "to do his will and live his praise," than more about death (Christ saying to the Father, "receive my spirit unto thee"). Now, I can understand cutting out verses occasionally to save time. For example, "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" with its seven verses, can sometimes be a little cumbersome. However, if you look at the words, the last verse is by far the most important. It would make more sense to say, for example, "Let's sing verse one, then five through seven"...or whatever. Singing just the first three verses of this hymn is ridiculous. I've seen it done several times, though.

2. In every ward, somehow, there is always a Descant Girl. Single's wards often have several of them. This girl makes a huge production of her singing and sings some sort of harmony above everyone else. It drives me nuts. The point is not to show off your range. Nobody is impressed, just uncomfortable when you do this, Descant Girl. Please, for yourself and the sake of others, just sing the normal soprano line. Thank you.

3. I hate when people say, "Well, I know the words, so I'm not going to open up the hymnal." This is often accompanied by looks of disdain at those that are looking at the music. I personally have a hard time appreciating the hymn without looking at the lyrics and notes on the page. I know this one shouldn't bother me as much as it does, as it's generally people being lazy rather than snooty, but nonetheless, it irks me every time

4. People sing in parts all the time when the music says "Unison". There are always people who try. Nobody's impressed with your attempts at harmony. Even if it fits well, which is most of the time, as there'll be music in the alto, tenor, and bass areas to work with in this case (unlike in the case of Descant Girl) , the music says "Unison". I'm rarely a stickler for rules like this, but, again, as hymns are inexplicably just a horribly touchy subject for me, this drives me berserk.

5. I hate when people close the hymnal before the end of the song. Often, when it's a song where everyone knows the last chorus, or if they've just read the last line and know they can sing that last bit without needing the book in front of them, you hear people all around you putting their hymnals away during the last bit of the song. This distracts from the spirit of the hymn and kills the last bit, which as we've discussed before, often includes the most meaningful lines in the song.

It seems like there are more, but I can't think of any at the moment and my fiancé apparently needs attention, as he keeps peeking around the corner and making faces at me.

Edit: Rachael brought to my attention the most important one except perhaps the last verse skipping thing, and it was definitely one I was thinking of when I said "It seems like there are more...", but I just didn't think of it at the moment. See her comment for more on the all important hating of people who say "page number" instead of "hymn number". I always want to count the pages and see what song is on the page number they said and start singing that loudly over whatever the hymn they actually meant was, but a) it's far too much effort, and b) I'm not quite that much of a jerk.

Dec 11, 2007


Update #1: We have found an apartment. We'll have to build a ramp, but it's just a few steps up and it'll be fine. A two-bedroom place a few blocks south of BYU. And the toilet and bathtub are pink. And Trevor and I have a good time arguing about what to do with the 2nd bedroom. ("You are not putting a sewing machine in our guitar/sword room." "Stop calling it that; there's no such thing as a guitar/sword room!")

Update #2: Wedding dates have changed. Money and housing and family and traveling and whatever-the-heck-else just would be simpler with a couple more weeks. So we'll be getting married and having the Provo reception on Jan 12th and the Ridgecrest reception will be either Jan 18th or 19th, depending on when we can schedule the building. This is the last time things will change, I promise.

Dec 8, 2007

I'm still alive...

Doing well. Things are good. Stressed a bit with wedding things, but nothing that I can't conquer. Wheelchair-accessible non-single student housing is impossible to find in the Provo/Orem area, but I can't complain. And it's very snowy, which is awesome/miserable. And I don't have that much to say, which you think I would because I never post here anymore, but that actually makes it harder because then I feel like I need to recap everything, which is impossible or have something massively clever, which is difficult.

I've decided the roommates aren't that bad. Here is proof (sorry for those that don't have facebook, it's the only place the video is available without more work than I'm willing to put into this). Sure it's not...well, I could list forever the glorious things that happened last year, but it was a fun time. Nate's reaction: "I'm not surprised at all. In fact, I bet you even if I hadn't seen this video, I'd sometime be listening to 'Eye of the Tiger' and think to myself, 'I bet Andrea has made a leg-kicking routine to this song'."

Oh, and for those that need to know, the wedding schedule looks something like this (invitations will be out shortly, but I know some want to make travel plans now):

Wedding: Dec 29th, noon
Provo Reception: Dec 29th, evening
Ridgecrest Reception: Jan 5th, evening

Nov 24, 2007

Two Truths and a Lie

It has been an exciting time for my family. I'm listing three things below, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. If you can guess which is the lie, you win a pat on the back from yourself (nobody pat yourself on the back if you didn't deserve it, you're on your honor here!)*:

a) I'm engaged and getting married this winter.
b) My mother is pregnant with her tenth child, due the 2nd of June.
c) Kevin has been diagnosed with leukemia and will die within the next year.

*clue: as unbelievable as some of these may be, who the heck would write about something horribly tragic in a light-hearted, guessing-game format**?

**clue: not me.

Nov 18, 2007

Still missing you...

My internet and keyboard are not going to work. I don't know how to do it. And I can't really do anything at work. So that is why I've been dismal at posting this month. I'm sorry that this is the case, but I really don't have any other options other than walk to campus and use one of their computer labs and that's only worked out never for various reasons.

My birthday was a perfect day, thanks for asking. The worst thing that happened all day was I went to the bathroom at work and came back to the last half of "Sweet Child Of Mine" on the radio, and we all know how awesome the opening riff of that song is and I missed it. But I persevered and didn't let it ruin my day. Because, while life cannot always be what we'd like, it can still be pretty dang good if we just keep going at it. Especially when you have the world's best boyfriend.

Nov 8, 2007

I miss the internet

When I moved my computer into the front room to play music for the Halloween party, something went amiss. Since the day before the Halloween party, I've been unable to connect to the internet and my keyboard doesn't work. I haven't been on facebook, checked anyone's blogs, or did any other sort of general internetting for over a week. It's odd. And now I'm posting from work because our system is down and I can't do much else, even though I'm strictly forbidden to do extracurricular internetting. And because, as fascinating as a post about my bladder infection is, I'm really ready to have something new up here.

I haven't spent a ton of time trying to fix my computer's issues because I avoid my apartment like I avoid eye contact with the creepy greasy staring guy that seems to live at the back of every bus I've ever ridden on. I'm back to peace with the roommates after a little spat earlier this week (I expect there will be a post about this in the future), but I still prefer the endless Asian banter of apartment 36 ("Did you buy that beef from Paul Ream?" "Yeayah!" "Wiggles, what are you doing with Paul Ream's beef?" "It's not mine it's the Healer's, dude." "You going to put some ketchup on that, dude?" "Yeayah!" lather. rinse. repeat. It's a joy.) to the endless dumb Molly talk of my apartment ("That's so cool that you live near Far West; I'm fascinated by church history." "Yeah, and there are some good-looking guys there too." "Ooo, I want to hear about this." "Well there's this one guy in our area, well, he's actually from Kansas City, but..." "Wait, is Kansas City in Kansas or Missouri?" "I've always wondered that, too." repeat endlessly. punctuated by racous laughter over things that are hardly funny enough to warrant a "that's amusing" smile. It's not a joy.)

Oct 30, 2007

Bladder Insomnia

So those three times peeing this morning mentioned in the previous post, as well as the three more before it was time to go to work weren't just for fun. I have a bladder infection, confirmed by the doctors this morning and I'm pretty sure that was the reason I couldn't sleep this case you were worried about the cause of my insomnia or abnormally interested in my urinary system.


Across the world of blogging, I'm sure there are plenty posts with this title and message. "I can't fall asleep." This is very rarely a problem for me. I take pride in my ability to fall asleep whenever and wherever I desire. So, while many of you have this problem every night and it's not really that big of a deal, I just need a moment to complain.

I woke up at 4am and haven't even felt tired since. I know I'm short on sleep and will be tired all day if I don't go back to sleep, but I don't think it's going to happen. I've gone to the bathroom three times in the last hour-and-a-half for lack of anything to do. And made fliers for the Halloween party to distribute to the ward so I could feel productive. I just want to sleep. I don't wake up until 7:30 most mornings, and I'm generally not feeling ready to be up at that time. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Update: It is now 7am. There's no use in going back to sleep at this point. I'm really glad I have this party to plan, or I'd have nothing to keep me entertained these lonely hours. But instead, it's been quite productive. I have a shopping list made (including, but not limited to: crepe paper, coconut, afro wig), a playlist started (it'll still take plenty of refining, I can't do much with my roommate asleep, but it's good to have that at least begun), and emails sent out to people that really ought to attend, but either haven't responded through facebook or aren't on facebook.

7:20 -- First person to email me a copy of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" wins a prize. Though I have an extensive Michael Jackson collection, I somehow don't have that song. I'm just as surprised as you are.

Oct 27, 2007

My seventeen-year-old sister

dressed up like this for super-hero day at school:

I think it's brilliant. And I knew spending the many many euro I did in the auction in French class in ninth grade to get that hat (it was a tough battle with Leah Filner (sp?)) would pay off someday. First person to name who she is wins a prize. And, for the record, she's a really pretty girl in real life, just difficult to see in this picture.

My eleven-year-old sister

wrote this essay for an essay contest at school, as was one of three finalists. She didn't win the grand prize of reading it on the radio, but now she's being published on the internet, so that's just as good, yes? She's always been the one in the family that we think of as "most likely to be a serial killer", but I it's a good essay, and she probably won't turn out all that bad. And she describes our family quite nicely. Enjoy:

“What My Family Means To Me”

My parents mean a lot to me. They buy food for me and just all and all love me. Every night as I go to sleep, mom or dad will come in to kiss me goodnight. Every day when my brother and I get home from school, my mom is always there to welcome us home. My Dad works most of the day to support our large family.

My brothers and sisters are really important to me. We do a lot of stuff together, even though not all of it is appreciated by mom and dad. For example, we like to take empty silly string bottles and explode them. We also like to put make-up on my younger brother Thomas who is 2 years old. Not only do I have a good time with my siblings, but also I learn a lot from them. They help me understand math and other homework that I don’t understand.

Every Monday evening our family will get together and have a family home evening. During this, we have a lesson about a church related topic, an activity of some sort that might be outside, and a treat. We also sing some songs. Some of the things that we do for activity are Frisbee golf, a game called “All in the family”, the name game, a game called “fruit basket”, the animal game, soccer and other games. Sometimes the kids in our family come up with odd games. One is TT-Ball (tackle, trampoline basketball). To play this game you put a basketball hoop by a trampoline and divide the people playing into 2 teams. One person from either of the teams will stand at the edge of the trampoline right across from the hoop and throw the ball to a team. The goal is to make a hoop and you are allowed to tackle a person on the other team if they have the ball. Another game that we came up with is called Sumo. The name came from Sumo wrestling. To play this game you have 2 to 4 people sit on a bed. The goal is to push all the other people off the bed.

I often have fun with individual members of my family. For example, my sister Jenny and I share a room and we often will read books together and talk late at night. My little brother Kevin and I enjoy talking as we walk home from school each day. We also often race each other to certain landmarks we have established on the way home. Often on summer mornings, Kevin and I will lie out on our trampoline and sing at the top of our lungs some annoying songs such as “John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith”. Sometimes my older sister Marsha and/or my older sister Melissa and I will experiment certain hairstyles on family member’s hair. Sometimes at night my baby brother, Tommy, will not want to go to bed. He tries to hide from mom and dad in my bed where I sometimes already am. He likes to play with my dolls. We also often make train tracks together.

My extended family also means a lot to me, even though I don’t see them very often because most of them live in Utah. Sometimes we get together for special occasions such as Thanksgiving and family reunions. My Grandpa Davenport usually makes Dutch-oven potatoes when we have reunions at the Lions Lodge in Pine Valley. Usually when we have reunions in Pine Valley, Aunt Gina and Uncle Doug bring a Karaoke machine. We have fun singing with it. I really enjoy my visits to Grandpa and Grandma Wonnacott because Grandma is a really good cook and it is fun to be with them. Their back yard has a large garden in it which I like to look at. I like the toys in the basement. I like Grandma Wonnacott’s style of decorating.

It is good to be in a family. Even though sometimes I get angry with them, I’m still glad that I have a family. They care about me and I care about them.

My thirteen-year-old sister

has chicken pox. She had them when she was younger, but got them again. They first showed up Sunday evening and she didn't go to school all week. It seems miserable.

I don't really remember having chicken pox, though I know I had them as a child. I have this re-occurring dream about having chicken pox and being at my grandmother on my mother's side's house and her telling me to take a bath in oatmeal and me being worried that that would be too expensive, not realizing that they're talking about a fairly minimal amount of oatmeal rather than the consistency that you eat. It may be based on fact. I have no idea.

Oct 16, 2007

Halloween Costuming

There are four events that I will attend this Halloween season that will require costuming. They are as follows:

Saturday before Halloween -- Monique's Halloween party in Payson. The roommates and I are going representing different high school cliques (a nerd, a cheerleader, a jock, etc.). I'm pretty sure I'm going to this one as an emo kid. Sweep the bangs in front of my eyes, wear tight jeans...and I've pretty much got it.

Monday before Halloween -- Ward FHE activity. I know little about this and therefore have little to say.

Halloween day at work -- The accounting department is going to become a jailhouse for Halloween. We're going to put up bars and have little potty chairs in each cubicle and some will dress up as law enforcement and some will dress up as inmates. I'm going to be an inmate and already have one of those fabulous orange jumpsuits on order. To make it more fun, each of us are going to be celebrities that have been to jail and have our cubicle and accessories individualized to whoever we're being. I, of course, wanted to be Paris Hilton as she's the most fun one I could think of and she is, as we all know, my celebrity boob twin. However, Kylee is tall and blonde and gets to be Paris. It's fairly settled that I'll be Winona Ryder. Because she has short brown hair and kleptomanic tendencies just like me. I don't think she ever actually went to jail, but she's still a celebrity that got in trouble with the law in a high profile case in recent memory, so she's fair game. And she's dated a lot of hot actors and even more hot rockers, so whatever, I can be her.

Halloween evening -- Costume dance party at my apartment. More planning needs to be put into this as soon as possible. I don't really want to be an emo kid or Winona Ryder for this event, so will probably need to put together yet another costume of some sort. But come and bring your friends. There'll be a facebook event up within the next couple days for this as soon as we settle on a time.

Anyway, I'm posting this to the world for help. Any ideas for making a truly great emo kid costume? Any ideas for how the heck to make a Winona Ryder costume outside of just wearing an orange jumpsuit and a name tag that says "Winona Ryder" (because somehow whenever I think about Winona Ryder, the only thing that comes to mind is Audrey Grisham ranting about how gross the spit strand is when she kisses Christian Bale in Little Women, and I'm pretty sure nobody would get it if I had a spit strand hanging from my mouth as part of my costume, though if I could somehow kiss Christian Bale, that would be okay with me (I'm putting him on my list, okay Trevor? You can kiss Angelina Jolie any time you have the chance and I can kiss Christian Bale any time I have the chance and it's fair game.))? And for the extracurricular costuming...any ideas at all?

Oct 12, 2007


I dream about work pretty much every night. It's rarely even anything special, just boring ol' working. Doing what I do for eight hours a day for several more hours. It's never been like this with any other job I've had, I'm not sure why it is with this one. I hate waking up and having to go back.

Oct 9, 2007

Radio Material

So this morning I go to the bank, thinking it'll be a normal quick transaction and I'll be out of there. But there are free donuts out, so I know it'll be a good day. And then "The Manly Morning Show" of The Zone, a local sports radio station, is on site and discussing the fact that one of the manly men of their morning show is wearing spandex. It is because he's biking down to the BYU game in Vegas for charity, but obviously the discussion has far more to do with spandex than helping underprivileged children go to sports camps. So I know it'll be a good day. Then they start going through the bank, looking for "the honest opinions of attractive women" and I get interviewed for the radio. They said they'd play the interviews tomorrow morning, so we'll see if anything gets used from the one with me, but it was a fun part of the day. The conversation went something like this:

John: How do you feel about a man in spandex?

Me: I think it's very courageous to go out in spandex.

John: Are you saying he looks bad? Turn around there, Hans, give her a solid view before she gives an opinion.

Me: He doesn't look bad.

John (laughing): So he doesn't look good?

Me: What do you want me to say, "Mmmm, baby, he looks fine"?

John: That would be good.

Me: Well, I'm sorry, I'm not comfortable saying that.

Hans: And I'm not comfortable with all of this scrutiny.

Me: But he's clearly in shape and it's admirable to be here in spandex putting up with everyone examining him under pressure from you.

John: Do you have a boyfriend or husband?

Me: Yeah, I have a boyfriend.

John: And how would you feel if he came home in spandex?

Me (laughing): He probably would, too, and have some ridiculous reason behind it. But I'd laugh and tell him he's taking it off immediately...not in like a good way.

So anyway, my only regret is I didn't know beforehand that I'd get to give an opinion on a 300-pound-former-BYU-football-player-turned-radio-host in spandex, so I could've been more eloquent. Also, I wish I'd thought quick enough on my feet to say what I was thinking about the whole time after I was interviewed: A man so broad-shouldered and slender-hipped probably shouldn't have chosen white spandex for the top and black for the bottom. It didn't suit him as well as...pretty much any other color combination. It would've been a service to Hans, who probably doesn't think about these things, but would in the future and look better for it, and a service to John, because, it's just plain radio gold.

Oct 4, 2007


I forget how much I love them sometimes. But they've of course been in the news over the name-your-own-price album that's just been announced (read the story, or read it here) (coolest thing ever, by the way) so I've busted them out and I just love them. That's all.

Oct 1, 2007

So the boyfriend and I made this agreement...

The plan was to share those deep dark parts of ourselves that we're ashamed of with each other. Yes, that's right, Trevor watched the season premier of Grey's Anatomy with me and Emilee on Thursday and I played Dungeons and Dragons with him and his roommates on Saturday. Horror on both sides! But really...both were okay and we'd both do either again, as long as nobody has to know.

He was very good during Grey's. A little bit afraid for his life when Emilee and I clutched hands and crushed his hand at the end when George shows up and Izzy's house and..."I love you, too," and Izzy just staring at him and what are they going to do, and I bet you anything Callie's pregnant and... but he was good and didn't make fun of anything too much and agreed to watch it again and said, "It wasn't as bad as I expected."

I was pretty good during Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone of course smiled with varying degrees of amusement as I cared far more about my character's animal friends and cottage and how everything looked then like...what spells I can cast or whatever. And even laughed out loud when Emilee called me and asked how it was going and I started describing my character's outfit: "You know that one dress Natalie Portman wore to the Academy Awards a couple years back? It's kind of like that, Grecian-inspired, you know? Except mine is blue cotton and knee-length, and has an empire waist tied with a leather tether and..." you get the idea. Overall it wasn't too bad of an experience. The combat parts were really slow and I didn't really want to fight in a battle, but the story figuring out stuff is...dare I say


I had a realization today. Allow me to explain it:

When I was a child, I always thought lighthouses were called lifehouses. I suppose I grew out of that, but never consciously. Then today I was listening to Lifehouse the band and realized for the first time in my life that "Lifehouse" and "lighthouse" are different words with different meanings.

Thanks, I just needed to share that with someone.

Sep 22, 2007

Collect 'em All

  • Yesterday at work I got to explain to the whole department essentially everything I learned in that classic book What Makes You Cough, Sneeze, Burp, Hiccup, Yawn, Blink, Sweat, and Shiver. Ah, the useful little science books I had as a child and how not enough people read their children those books and how I'm smarter than many because of it.
  • I heard the song "Bad to the Bone" the other day and I suddenly realized much singing "buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-baaad", means one is not really that bad.
  • I've found my internetting time has gotten a lot less productive lately. I used to have a million things to look up every time I'd get on a computer, it seems. But these days I get on, check my email, scan over the news headlines (I don't read the articles unless they're about something vitally important like Britney Spears), and then sit there and say "now what?"
  • My brother Jared confessed to me in an email that his favorite thing to drink these days is Mountain Dew. My mother would die if she knew. Oh how going on a mission corrupts a child.
  • There is nothing more amusing than getting hit on when you're making a collection call. What are these people thinking? First of all, they have no idea what I look like or even anything other than the slimmest whiffs of my personality. Second of all, why the heck would I be interested in someone that I know for a fact has less than $50 to their name because the card I just ran for $50 came back declined (or whatever the case may be).
  • I hate nothing more than those shirts that say "Flirt" or "Because I'm the Princess, That's Why" or "Boy Scouting" or "My Boyfriend's Hotter than Yours" or whatever else (you know the sort) on a girl that doesn't fall into the following age ranges: 4.5-5, 12.5-12.8.
  • The radio station we listen to at work always plays this clip that has a man's voice: "The most 80s," then a women's voice: "You never get tired of those songs," and there is nothing I'm more tired of than hearing that woman say she never gets tired of those songs. It drives me freaking nuts.
  • BYU's win over Air Force today was good for the spirits. I hated having a losing season going even if it was only three weeks in and we were 1-2. It's unacceptable. But a strong win against our first Mountain West opponent of the season (and a supposedly good opponent, too) was heartening.
  • I keep on thinking that O.J. Simpson is gone. But then he shows up again, making news, bursting into casinos and stealing stuff and expecting it to just stay in Vegas. Man, this guy thinks he can get away with murder.
  • When I was a child, I'd sing "Jack and Diane" as "Mark and Diane" after my dear parents and never got why my mother didn't like it.
  • I love that I'm the fashion consultant in my apartment these days. Whenever someone has a "Does this outfit work?" moment or a "What can I wear with this?" moment or a "What's the best thing to wear for [insert occasion here]?" moment, the answer always is, "Go ask Andrea." It rocks. I love having unquestionably good taste amongst the simple.

Sep 19, 2007

You know it's a good day when...

  1. You ride your bike to work wearing a skirt without flashing most of Provo (it's tricky, but do-able to ride a bike and keep your thighs together).
  2. You break your record for money collected at your new job by $450.
  3. You come home and find that your boyfriend has emailed you a link to this:

Sep 18, 2007

Tip of the Day

I was looking at Nate's profile on facebook the other day and came across a quote from me: "Just because I'm not as aggressive of a Q-tipper as you doesn't mean I'm not as passionate of a Q-tipper." It has inspired a post about how much I love Q-tips. Please forgive me.

Nate and I used to have contests to see who could go the longest without Q-tipping their ears. When that didn't work out so well, we agreed that we'd only Q-tip on Saturdays and we'd do it together. This led to many mid-week confessions ("Andrea, I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...I Q-tipped on Wednesday.") and a great deal of development in my self control.

About a year ago, I discovered wet Q-tipping. It's a joy. Just run the tip under water briefly and then swab as you normally would. The first few times you mostly just think, "I just gave myself a wet willy, what was I thinking?", but then you realize how much cleaner it feels. It's not as abrasive, but feels just as satisfying.

I'll go to bed before I get too into this subject. Nobody wants to read about my favorite types of earwax, etc. Good night.

Sep 14, 2007

Past Few

Over the past few days...
I've been using the word "awesome"more than the rest of my life combined. There is no explanation and the trouble is, it's rarely in response to something that actually produces awe (ex. "Hey, Andrea, we've got you a phone now, so make sure you set up your messages soon." "Awesome.")

Over the past few months...
"Take Me Back to Manhattan" has replaced "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" as the default setting in my brain. I'm sure it's come from trying to fight "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and only winning after the first couple words. It's good because "Take Me Back to Manhattan" is way more fun to sing. It's bad because people don't join in like they would when I'd randomly break into "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".

Sep 12, 2007


Company H does web design, so obviously I've been sitting around in training thinking about all the cool things you can do to websites and I've been compelled to play with the blog. Of course, working for Company H doesn't mean I'm really qualified to play with html, especially as I'm in the Accounting Department, but still, I can't resist the lure of play. I screwed up the old design enough that I've had to pick a new template and just keep it with that for a while. I'm going to have something spectacular soon, but for now it's one of the better of the templates that Blogger gives me. So that's why there's a new look, and it's not going to stay with this one for long even though it's a good one, because obviously it's more fun to invent my own. It's just slow because it's a whole lot of trial and error.

Ah, living with people that are nothing like me...

Please join me in awe of the following conversation I had with my roommate Monique Monday morning (the only prerequisite is knowing that Monique works at the McKay Events Center).

Monique: Have you ever heard of the Smashing Pumpkins?

Me (thinking, Who on earth hasn't heard of Smashing Pumpkins? If you'd asked me before this moment to estimate how many people I know who have never heard of Smashing Pumpkins I would have guessed less than 2%, though I'm now suddenly doubting my existence): Yeah, why?

Monique: I think I'm working their show tonight.

Me (thinking, I'm positive they aren't coming until later this month): Are you sure? I didn't know they were coming so soon. If I had a single dime to my name I'd be going to that concert, but that's unfortunately not the case. Also, I'd be going to see Muse, I think they're coming this week.

Monique: Oh, that's right, I'm working the show for the Muse tonight.

Me (thinking, "The Muse"? Where do these people come from?): I'm so jealous, you basically get paid to go to all these concerts don't you?

Monique: Yeah, but once they start, I normally go out in the hall; the concert are loud and smell like pot and I don't usually like the music.

Me (thinking, The loudness and the pot smell are part of the rock concert experience and there are a lot of good bands playing at the McKay Center this fall and I bet you won't appreciate any of them and what a shame that is): Fair enough.

Monique: It gets better later in the year when there are more sports events and around Christmastime when they get classical artists like Kurt Bestor.

Me (thinking, Kurt Bestor is not a classical artist, more like Mormon pop): there's no way you can sneak someone into a concert is there?

Monique: No, I can't. A bunch of my friends were asking me that back when Fall Out Boy and the All-American Rejects came.

Me (thinking, That's because your friends have horrific taste): If you're going to break into a concert why would you do Fall Out Boy and the All-American Rejects?

Monique: I know, they were pretty dirty.

Me (thinking, Foul mouths are part of the rock concert experience, it has nothing to do with that comment): Yeah.

Monique: I hope the Muse keep it clean tonight.

Me (thinking, I was hoping the "the" was an accident before, but it apparently is what she really thinks they go by): Yeah, I suppose you'll see. See you later.

And for those wondering, she wasn't working Smashing Pumpkins or Muse on Monday. The Pumpkins come on the 28th (as I thought) and Muse plays tonight and I wish I were there right now, but what can you do when you're poor? The show she worked was Modest Mouse, so nothing to get excited about. (My thoughts on Modest Mouse: I don't know them well enough to pass judgment, but lots of people with questionable music taste like them, so I doubt they're any good.)

An update

I don't know when five days became "You haven't updated in forever", but here I am with an update.

I am an employed woman these days, so my days are busier. I'm also not allowed extracurricular internetting with this job, so there might be less of me on this blog. Though there are no guarantees (it might be more of me, so feel free to continue checking this site several times a day, as I know you do).

As part of the hiring process, I signed a paper saying I wouldn't write anything negative about the company I work for on forums or blogs or anything else on the internet. So I'll never say the company name on this blog, as I decided that it's far more important to me to be able to complain about the company than to say where I work. If you really have a need to know, just ask me, but it cannot be published on a site that a quick search for the company name would pull up. From here on out, the company will be referred to as Company H, because the letter "H" may or may not be the first letter of the company name (hint: it is). I'm sure you'll hear plenty about Company H as time goes on as I already have much to say and have only worked there for two days, but for now, I must go to bed.

Sep 6, 2007

I believe that pets should have people names.

My roommates and I talked pet names last night while I cut Monique's hair. I believe that pets should have people names. That's my stance on the matter. It's degrading to name your animal Spooky or Oreo or Rufus or whatever. I told my roommates that my sister has a fish named Igor Stravinsky. That's when the crickets went off.

Trevor and I have a dream of owning a cat and naming it General Sterling Snedigar Price. In the films True Grit and Rooster Cogburn, John Wayne's character has a cat named General Sterling Price. I've been meaning to research if that was a real person or not, and did it today. Sterling Price was a Civil War general who retreated to Mexico rather than surrender to the Union at the end of the war and was leader of a Confederate exile colony there. And the Snedigar part is just plain necessary, as anyone who knows our dear friend Sterling Snedigar could attest to.

Sep 4, 2007

This report will challenge everything you ever thought...oh, wait

Every once in a while a study is released that makes me go "duh". Here's a prime example:

I miss Finola, Isaac, Kimora, Jay, Niecy...

Something is wrong with the cable in my new apartment. We get SEVEN channels dedicated to sports (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPNCL, Verus, The Mtn, Fox Sports), but no Style Network. A much graver offense: we get TWO channels dedicated to country music (Great American Country and Country Music TV), but no Style Network. Also, no Black Entertainment Television. I think I should call somebody a racist and tell them that two country music channels must be balanced out with BET. (Not that I ever watch BET, but it's one of those channels that it's fun to flip to for twenty seconds to enjoy another culture...similar to my love of watching bits of soap operas in Spanish from time to time.)

Sep 3, 2007

Part II

Most of you know that my boyfriend (hereafter referred to as "Trevor") is in a band (hereafter referred to as "Part II"). Their first show is this Saturday (Sept 8th) at 8 (pm) at Bruce's house (1715 N 500 E), and they should be playing in a battle of the bands thing next week Friday (Sept 14th) in the Ream's parking lot (I have no idea what time, but you'll be notified). So those of you in the Provo area, go see them. It'll be a grand ol' time.

For some time now, it has been on my to-do list to figure out how to insert music onto my blog. I've wanted to on other occasions, but I had to do it for this post, as I've had many friends ask what sort of music Trevor's band plays or how good they are or whatever. So using my limited knowledge of html and the numerous forums, etc., set up to help kids who don't know anything about the internet put things on their myspace pages, I now present to you Part II (feat. Trevor doing vocals and rhythm guitar, his brother Tylor on lead guitar and Bruce on drums):

Sep 1, 2007

Larry Craig

How many sex scandals can we have on Capitol Hill in one year (Mark Foley, David Vitter, Larry Craig)? Also, even though he's obviously not a senator, can I throw Ted Haggard into this conversation just to make my argument stronger that there are a ton of sex scandals lately involving powerful people that promote family values? Do things like this always happen and it's just the media decided that this year would be the year of the Congress sex scandal (like that one year when they extensively covered every single kidnapping or that one year they covered every single shark attack and everyone thought these things were more prevalent when in reality it was just the fact that the media made them so) or is this some sort of new thing and an indication of the disintegration of morals in America or something like that? Was that last sentence far too long to be understood or does the fact that a good chunk of it was a parenthetical statement make it okay? Does it mean something that the scandals are all with right-wing-ers? Is that the media's fault? Is a Democrat who engages with a prostitute or comes out as gay or whatever not going to get the coverage that a Republican does? Is that wrong?

Aug 31, 2007

I like John Edwards

I always have. He seems honest. Yes, he's rich and white, but that doesn't mean he isn't sincere. Two articles from Time (one's a little long, but both are worth reading, in my opinion):

John Edwards Bets the Farm
No Baloney Candidate

Yes, he's not the most knowledgeable when it comes to foreign policy, but at least he admits it and disagrees with presidential micromanaging. Yes, his plans aren't perfect, but nobody's are. At least he has plans (I like Obama, but his rhetoric to actual plans ratio is a little high). But I love how ambitious he is for the country and not for himself. It's refreshing in a presidential candidate. He's been painted often as a hypocrite and, yes, he looks a little like a Ken doll, but I, at least, feel he's a sincere man. I think I've said this before on this blog, but I'm telling the tale again: When John Edwards first entered the national stage around 2003, it was during the years of my life when I only got my news from the radio. I liked the way he spoke and felt he was a very sincere man. It wasn't until later, when I saw him speaking on a TV, that I figured out where people get the idea that he's not very genuine. He looks political. Ah, well.

In other news, Rachael's blog recently had a link to a post I wrote last spring and it spawned in me a long perusal of my old posts, which I found very enjoyable. Perhaps I'm just self-centered. Is it weird that I really like reading my own blog?

Aug 30, 2007

What's new

New apartment, new roommates...

My dresser is big enough to hold about two pair of pants. I'm already getting creative with clothes storage and I desperately need to do laundry at which point I'll have far more clothes's going to be very tricky. If only we were allowed to hammer up some shelves or something. The storage situation is atrocious.

I've already created a sensation with the roommates. As soon as I moved in I made it clear that they are to be my minions and directed them to how the furniture in the living room is to be arranged while I am living there. Or, in other words, my TV was too big for the entertainment center so I came up with a plan that everyone agreed to so that we could still have a TV in the room and our living room is totally different/better, but it's not a big deal. But I have left my mark within the first day, which was exciting.

Aug 27, 2007

Why, cats paint?

For my birthday last year, my dear roommate Clara got me the best calendar ever. It is based on this book:

As a huge cat lover and a medium-sized art lover, I've found it very enjoyable. It's full of pictures of cats painting and fabulous commentary that illustrates the pretentiousness of modern art criticism better than anything I've ever seen. It's adorable/hilarious. An excerpt:

On mornings when the sun shines obliquely through the aquarium, Purrtle will sometimes spend several hours exciting the Red-Cap Orandas by flicking his fluffy white tail at them. The more frustrated he becomes the more he flicks, and the more the fish dart about until simultaneous bursts of high feline and piscine tail energy are engendered. It is these sessions that are the inevitable precursors to Purrtle's painting. The resulting works are full of frenzy and turbulent passion yet laden with implication, every aspect of them exhibiting the undiluted essence of feline frustration. Using bold downward strokes, Purrtle perfectly captures the essence of piscine form. We immediately see the red head of the fish and its white tail flashing behind as it dives down from right to left and there can be no doubt that this is a fulminating moment of pure escape from the watchful eyes (top right). But despite its evident pictorialism, the feline self, depicted by its own white tail is cleverly dispersed throughout the work. As critic Kevin Casey notes, "...Purrtle's solipsism poignantly reflects the feline self encouraging itself through the juxtaposition of waving appendages--each coexisting as reluctant coordinates in glassed-off virtual reality."

It's brilliant, yes?

My thoughts on that one variety of modern art that people look at and say, "my cat could've painted that": It doesn't take a ton of talent to create. I know that. But that doesn't mean there isn't a lot to appreciate. People who believe that just because something is easy to do it can't be admired are missing out on many beautiful things in life. There's actually real life aesthetic value to some of the cat paintings in the calendar. I don't believe Purrtle was thinking solipsistic thoughts whilst dipping his paws in paint and stroking them on a card on the wall, but I would hang up that picture he is painting in my house because it is pleasing to look at to me. And I can even be and have been emotionally moved by these sorts of paintings. Not because I think they say a lot about philosophies or any of that ridiculousness, but all still have an emotion attached to them. You can look at any set of random brush strokes or shapes and see "balance" or "chaos" or "agitation" or "peace" or "movement" or "progress" or "fury" if you just look to appreciate instead of to criticize. I actually really like this sort of art, judge me if you will.

Aug 26, 2007

Happy birthday to me...

Yes, it's my blog's birthday. Last August 26th I published my first post on what has become a very necessary part of my life. I've enjoyed writing here and plan to continue for some time. I hope you've all enjoyed reading. One-hundred-seventy-nine posts strong, baby! And congratulations/thanks to those few who started out reading this and still do and have read every single post over this year.

I definitely thought about writing another post quickly this morning before posting this so that I could say "One-hundred-eighty posts strong, baby!", but I need to get ready for church (my first day with the 8:30 am schedule, ugh) and it would be something completely useless. I just like even numbers so much more than odd plus multiples of ten always put you into the next bracket of having a lot of something...if that makes sense.

Aug 22, 2007

You know you've spent a lot of time with Trevor when...

You take a walk with your mother and little brother through the desert and spend your time thinking to yourself, "Day 16: we left the village over a fortnight ago and there's still not a tree in sight to give us shade and temporary respite from the heat. Ammunition and morale low." etc.

Aug 15, 2007


I've been home for about 22 hours. Highlights include:
  • A marching band-esque productshizzle from the siblings. Including a chorus of "I'm So Glad When Andrea Comes Home."

  • Bernadino's with Laura Lee Alida. For old times sake.

  • Tommy being so excited that I'm home that he'll randomly run up to me shouting my name then not really know what to do with me so lots of equally random running off.

  • Lots of other Tommy running around and saying ridiculous things and being excited to show me everything and tell me all about the plot of The Lion King over and over again which, as far as I can gather consists of "And the monkey climbs on the rocks and holds the kitty," and him running in with his pajamas expecting me to be very impressed with him yelling "jammies!" and the top of his tiny lungs.

  • Jenny has zits on her face these days. She's so grown up.

  • Showing off the clothes purchases made since I last saw the family to a very impressed Marsha and Melissa who can always look forward to getting those items in a couple years when I grow out/tired of them.

  • A really fabulous dress that Melissa has given me that basically means I'm throwing a party in December with the required dress being "festive attire".

  • Jenny and Kayla getting all excited to show me that they redid their room, us walking into the room, me exclaiming "uhhh, it looks exactly the same as it did last time I was home," and them realizing that they changed it while I was gone but then changed it back so their recent change was back to what I'd known before.
  • Typical Nate things ("I fixed that ancient laptop we had in Indiana, remember it? All I had to do was salter on a couple new wires and you just clip the power source with an alligator clip here and...").
  • Waking up at seven this morning to "Four, tres, two, uno..." and the opening bit of that instant classic "Fergalicious". My first thought was, "since when does Allison wake up to this?" Then I was like, "Why the heck is this playing on NPR?" because my alarm is set to NPR. Then I opened up my eyes and realized I was home and the musical wonder I was beholding was thanks to dear Marsha.
  • Waking up again this morning at eight to Kevin and Tommy coming in and jumping on me and then asking me to read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix to them.
  • The Princess and the Pauper, a Barbie movie that apparently my mother loves. (And yes, Laura, it ends exactly like you thought it would, you needn't be in suspense any longer.)

Aug 14, 2007


I leave for Ridgecrest in an hour. I'm not looking forward to it so much that I haven't started packing yet.

Aug 11, 2007


My little brother Kevin is a cute as heck 7-year-old and smart as a whip. But not always as smart as he thinks he is: "They should make a gangster version of 'White and Nerdy'."

Aug 9, 2007

Thanks Emilee, for another great article...

An interesting/funny read:

When Your Spouse is Hotter than You

I would like to discuss the ladder theory, but it's somebody else's and I'm afraid of screwing it up.

My thoughts: in some cases hot people aren't just hot people. A very few number of them have depth to them and want someone who isn't boring, as most hot people are. But it's got to be near impossible to find another hot person who's also interesting, so you go for a not as hot person and it's great for you. And people shouldn't make comments about it because they're probably happier than a hot/hot couple.

On a semi-related note: at Wendy's yesterday, Allison, Emilee, Melanie, and I were discussing quirkiness and determined that quirky people need quirky people. The four of us are all very quirky and that's why we get along. Other quirky people mesh really well into our group of friends, regardless of what those quirks are. Normal people get judged in our group. We'll be friends with normal people, but's boring to talk to people that aren't at least a little odd. None of us could ever date someone who doesn't have a few peculiarities about them.

What are you going to do with all that junk?

This post was going to be about the sexualization of society and the way young girls dress and why Anna Nicole Smith is news and even the people who complain about her being news on the TV do it while showing pictures of her scantily-clad over and over while talking because people watch that and how women must not only be talented but always sexy to make it in the music or film industry and how this means girls/women in real life thinking the only way to be noticed by anyone/get men is through showing skin and suggestive comments and sex sex sex and there are commercials that qualify as soft porn on all the time and sex sex sex sex sex. But, in an effort to get the streaking post not the top entry because my parents are urging me to take it down (and I can't decide if it's worth it or not to do so), I can certainly, at least, get it lower down the page quickly. So I'm just going to post two music videos of the same song: one by The Black Eyed Peas and one a cover by Alanis Morissette. It'll essentially get the message across.

Aug 7, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Many may know of this goal of mine, as I've been voicing it for years now. I didn't think it would ever be possible, but it always haunted me...wouldn't it be so cool if I could just find a way. Well, my friends, where there's a will, there's a way.

Many moons ago, I had the opportunity to skinny dip in the RB pool. This tale has been and will be sung by the bards for ages. It's come in handy oh so many times when playing "Two Truths and a Lie". The enormous amount of shock value I get from if has made me long for another naked-on-BYU-campus adventure.

The following story is so cool that I'm posting it even though my mother reads this blog and I'm positive she will heartily disapprove.

As many know, they've been doing some remodeling work on at Lavell Edwards Stadium recently. Well, apparently one of the workers forgot to close one of the gates all the way last night and I noticed this walking home from Stadium Terrace yesterday at about midnight. I walked in, heart pounding. Prowled and listened and determined the coast quite clear. Climbed down to grass level and fulfilled a dream. Yes, dear friends, I can now proudly say that I have been streaking across this field:

My only regret is that the lines weren't painted on, so I couldn't think to myself while running, "She's to the 40...the 30...the 20...the 10...TOUCHDOWN!!! Touchdown by Wonnacott after a 76-yard run!!! Incredible!!! Hear the fans roar!!! That's just the kind of play BYU has needed all game. Perfectly executed. Playing to their strengths." Instead, of course, I was thinking more, "I hope they don't have a ton of security cameras and a police vehicle headed here right this moment and...actually it'd totally be worth getting arrested for, what a story that would be."

Aug 3, 2007

How things are going these days...

  • It's been about the job hunt lately. I've interviewed at a few places and submitted resumes/applications at more. If anyone has any leads on full-time work, I'll gladly take them.
  • I played Guitar Hero for the first time this week (briefly, in a store). I think I would've done better with Sousaphone Hero.
  • Twice this month I've bitten off all my nails for no reason.
  • There is nothing you can't do if you just have a plethora of good cardigans at your disposal. I wish I had money, it's time to start thinking about fall clothes again (sure it's still ages away, but you have to start thinking early on or you're at a total loss once you need it, like a day that
  • I cried watching the music video for Avril Lavigne's "When You're Gone" today when I came across it channel surfing. Yes friends, it's a few days before my period yet again. It's not a spectacular song, but come on, the old man crying holding his dead wife's old clothes? It's beautiful.
  • And for no reason other than there is too much hate in the world:

Aug 1, 2007

Five-Second Rule

A brilliant article from The Washington Post: That Dropped Doughnut (thanks, Emilee).

I remember hearing ten-second rule more than five-second rule as a child, but I could just have a faulty memory. I remember specifically, however, that my uncle Matt was the first person to ever explain the rule to me and I believed him because I was young and Uncle Matt is a doctor. I'm pretty sure I even used "Well my uncle's a doctor and he says..." as an excuse to my elementary school friends. This was before I found out that adults lie to children about what they know and know even less.

Jul 31, 2007

I'm an animated creator!

I took the personality test at yesterday morning, so look at my results (not that I expect anyone to read through it all, but it's worth a glance through). I feel like it's a fairly accurate representation of me, though my first thought was "I'm not that animated." But most of it fits, with the sole exception being I think I have more empathy than they give me credit for. The best was there were a couple things in there that I was like, "Hey, it says that in my patriarchal blessing, too!" So it's got to be a good test, yes?

Perhaps. But of course the problem with any test like this is that people have many facets to them and nobody is very strictly anything. Even the stuff that they got dead on with me has other sides to it (example: as up for new things as I really am, I'm still the kind of person who has to sit in the same seat in Relief Society each week or I get nervous) (also, I'm not quite as fun-driven as they seem to think: there is that side to me, but I'm also a great lover of calm, though you can't portray someone as both in this sort of test, where the goal is to simplify your personality to something manageable). When it comes down to it, I might as well have taken a test like this:

Which Disney Princess Are You?

You are Belle. You are strong, deep, and you are not a slave to petty superficial things. You are independent and allow yourself to see inner beauty without sacrificing your values. You are almost too good of a person.

I'm curious to see other people's results: Take the test (PersonalDNA...or I guess the Disney Princess one) and tell me what you are!

Jul 27, 2007

Presidential Hopeful Fashion

Wait...Hillary Clinton is a woman? A recent Washington Post article discusses Hillary Clinton's cleavage and her fashion history. I know it shouldn't matter at all in a presidential candidate, but...I'm really glad a woman is running simply because the wardrobe of a female presidential candidate is so much more fun to think about. (Side note: If anybody can find a picture of Hillary in the Donna Karan dress they talk about in the article, I'll be forever indebted to you. I've spent a good chunk of time looking and can't find it anywhere.)

And let's recall that snippet about her coral jacket on Monday: Edwards and Obama Split on Clinton's Jacket. That was pretty much a mistake on Edwards' part, he sounded sexist. However, I do admire him for at least trying to answer the question that most of the other debaters passed on with varying amounts of grace. However, the jacket was not the right target to go after, it wasn't funny enough to be taken as a joke, regardless of intent.

Men, of course, aren't completely immune to the fashion scrutiny. There's a fabulous article in the Wall Street Journal about Pulling Off the Obama Look. I happen to love this open-collar-no-tie look. With it Obama looks like he's ready for action and doesn't take himself too seriously. Plus it's kind of hot. Guys take note (and I've discussed this with numerous girls and most agree with me): One of the absolute hottest ways a guy can be dressed is the dressed-up, dressed-down look. A guy in a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, or in a suit but barefoot, or with a tie untied or loosened or missing....yum.

Jul 26, 2007

Cute Kitty Pictures!!!

I have nothing to write about, but haven't posted for a few days and figured, "Everybody likes cute things!" Yes, this has somehow transformed itself into the blog of a 13-year-old girl, but whatever. I just like cats a lot. And somehow have nothing more interesting to share with you today.

Jul 20, 2007

For those concerned: SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE

I promise that there will be no Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows spoilers on this blog*. You have my word. I, like so many of you, will be avidly avoiding any source of spoilers and will do my part to make sure I don't let anything slip to anyone else, here or otherwise. I'll never forgive that kid at the day camp for giving away the ending of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I'm considering not going on the internet at all until I finish the book, but that's probably a little too ambitious.

You may have caught this in the comments for the post below, but I love it:

Emilee - Do you pinky promise that you won't give anything away about the new Harry Potter book if you finish it before me?
Melanie - That's like asking me to pinky promise I won't sleep with your husband.

My friends rock.


*I don't guarantee that I will never spoil anything about the book, but if it happens, it'll be in a timely manner, at least a month after the book's release when I am sure that anyone truly concerned has already read it and it'll probably be something in passing.

Jul 18, 2007

Soundtrack to Life

I realize this is the sort of thing a 14-year-old girl puts on her Myspace page. You've seen it before; the rules are simple: put all of your music on shuffle and fill in the blanks with whatever song comes up. It seemed like a fun activity because it could give everybody a sampler platter of my music. There are, naturally, a few embarrassments that popped up as it was completely random, and I'm not sure how representative of my music it ended up being, but since I put the effort into doing this, here is the report:
  1. Opening Credits: "I Do (Cherish You)" - Mark Wills -Oh man, off to a horrible start: a cheesy country love song to open with. I almost gave up right away when this happened, or considered just skipping it (the only reason it's part of my music collection is Allison shares this computer with me and has loaded some of her music onto my iTunes, anyway). But then ended up singing along to the song and remembering that I actually like it, though I'd never admit that to anyone and definitely never publish it on the internet.
  2. Waking Up: "Come On Eileen" - Dexy's Midnight Runners - It's a fairly good waking up song in feel. And I, like so many girls, can't help but be a bit of an 80s music junkie.
  3. Average Day: "The Compromise" - The Format - It's one of my least favorite songs by The Format, who I love, and I was sad to not have something more meaningful by them come up, but I suppose it works fairly well as the soundtrack to "average day".
  4. First Date: "Starlight" - Muse - I love this song, but it's been stuck in my head for over two weeks now, so my reaction was more "nooooo" and I changed it quickly and didn't think about it for too long.
  5. Falling In Love: "I'm Only Sleeping" - The Beatles - This actually fits quite well. I tend to fall in love quite unconsciously and lazily. I did some research on this song because I've heard that it was written about being on drugs, but didn't know if that was true or not. But at least whoever wrote the article on Wikipedia about the song believes it really is about how much John Lennon loved staying in bed.
  6. Love Scene: "Minute Waltz" - Chopin - My reaction: "awww, cute."
  7. Fight Scene: "Ice Ice Baby" - Vanilla Ice -I don't want to talk about it.
  8. Breaking Up: "The Business of Getting Down" - Ozma - A fairly mediocre song from Ozma, but I'm glad that the "breaking up" track includes the line "If you'd drop by to see me again, I'd open up the door," for that's very typical thinking for me in a break up.
  9. Getting Back Together: "Come As You Are" - Nirvana - A recent conversation at apartment 36: "How could you not like Nirvana?" "I never smoked pot." "Okay, you have a point...but I liked them before..." I'll have you know that I personally, have never smoked anything but love Nirvana. And "Come As You Are" is good for a getting back together song.
  10. Secret Love: "Oh, It is Love" - Hellogoodbye - Fitting. I'm not a huge ukulele fan (they make any song instantly cheesy), but it's cute.
  11. Life's Okay: "O Valencia!" - The Decemberists - Good beat for "life's okay".
  12. Mental Breakdown: "Never There" - Cake - I automatically thought of the time a couple days ago when I had a mental breakdown due to this song. I was playing the iLike music challenge game on facebook (that one afternoon that I spent far too long's horribly addicting, though) and the question was "name this Cake song" and they played this song and I knew it was "Never There", but I clicked to quickly and clicked "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" instead and it killed a streak I'd been pretty far with and I knew the answer was horrible.
  13. Driving: "Tainted Love" - Soft Cell - One of those instantly recognized songs that just warms your soul even though it's not a warm song at all.
  14. Learning A Lesson: "Meike" - Flake Music - For those that don't know, Flake Music was The Shins before they were The Shins. So think The Shins but in 1997. You know how there are a few lyrics that pop up into your head constantly? Well the line "you make it easy to deci-i-i-ide" from this song pops up whenever I'm making a decision.
  15. Deep Thought: "King of New York" from The Newsies - Somehow the only thought that comes to me when I think of this song is "I love Bill Pullman."
  16. Flashback: "Mo Money Mo Problems" - Notorious B.I.G.- Because I'm so street. I had no idea I even own this song until it came up. But I'm positive it's not something Allison added, so I must have it on a CD somewhere. I couldn't sing a lyric to this song to you, I don't know it at all, but the title makes me laugh.
  17. Partying: "Truly Madly Deeply" - Savage Garden - Not really a party song, but one I was excited to get. I've only recently added Savage Garden to my collection following hearing one of their songs at a bowling alley and realizing I like them far more than I admit to people.
  18. Happy Dance: "Always Love" - Nada Surf - Not really a dance song, but a good song and happy enough. A little hippie-y ("always love, hate won't get you everytime"), but what can you do?
  19. Regretting: "The Old Apartment" - Barenaked Ladies - I haven't thought about Barenaked Ladies since they days when they were big until recently when I happen to be dating someone who brings them up every once in a while (big 90s music guy). I like them a lot, though.
  20. Long Night Alone: "Hanasakajijii (four: a great wind, more ash)" - Anathallo - Rather happy sounding, but an excellent song and calm enough to satisfy the "long night alone" track. I've really liked Anathallo since I saw them open for The Format last year. Post-rock (meaning: very experimental) and perhaps a bit of an acquired taste, but they're a good palate cleanser in a world where all music sounds the same.
  21. Death Scene: "Bye Bye Bye" - NSync - I laughed out loud for some time when this came up for my death.
  22. Closing Credits: "Finale" from Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony - I was very pleased with this ending, it's the ending to a real symphony, and an excellent symphony at that. I can't think of a more solid closer if I want to close off feeling heroic.

Argus Hamilton

Here's a column I read often: He tends to repeat his jokes, but for the most part they're pretty funny and any site that can get me to laugh from time to time and updates daily is worth reading. A few treasures:

John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth began a poverty tour across America Monday to highlight their concern for the poor. They are visiting people with no money and no hope. Their first stop was at John McCain's presidential campaign headquarters.

President Bush held a teleconference with his generals from the Roosevelt Room in the White House Friday. He told them the war can be won and must be won. Even worse, he now refers to the stairs leading up to the living quarters as San Juan Hill.

Tom Cruise was honored by the Museum of the Moving Image in New York Thursday, where he gave a gracious speech. He defended his religion and thanked his parents for all their sacrifices. Each evening they kill a chicken in front of his photograph.

The Weather Channel said Tuesday that temperatures in New York hit one hundred degrees. The heat and humidity combined with the flies and mosquitoes to triple the Misery Index. Thousands of cab drivers and street venders nearly died of homesickness.

Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff said Tuesday he has a gut feeling that al-Qaeda is about to attack the U.S. this summer. The administration no longer claims to have secret intelligence. They just stand there and dare Congress to subpoena their intestines.

Jul 12, 2007

TP Extravaganza

I don't really have any commentary on this, I just think it's my duty to share with the world this very important breaking news story. Enjoy.

Jul 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yes, I'm one of those nerds that goes to midnight showings of Harry Potter every couple of years. My thoughts on the newest addition which I watched last night:
  • Whoever did the casting for this one did an excellent job. Without exception (that I can think of) all of the new characters were just what I wanted. Umbridge was exactly what I imagined from the books: sickening wardrobe, that voice, and terrifying. Luna was loony and lovable as she ought to have been. Bellatrix Lestrange scared the crap out of me but was somehow really hot, which is just what I expected of her.
  • The cutting up of the book for this film was also quite well done. I wanted to see more of the Umbridge vs. other professors at Hogwarts battle; I wanted to see Harry's story published in The Quibbler; I wanted to see Cho crying all over Harry on Valentine's Day; I wanted some of the side characters that were newly introduced (Tonks, Kreacher, etc.) to have bigger roles. However, none of this is crucial and I'm glad that they kept the film at a reasonable length while still telling the story effectively.
  • You have to just overlook how much Emma Watson sucks to enjoy these films. She tries far too hard to act and her eyebrow dance (look for it, she can't keep them still in her attempt to be expressive) drives me nuts. But she's pretty so I can't dislike her. I have this problem with many actresses. Call me shallow because I realize it is, but any actress that is pretty gets a lot of leeway in my mind regardless of talent. Hermoine isn't even supposed to be pretty, but still...
  • Pretty much all of the Weasley boys are super hot. I knew this from the books, but it wasn't until this film that it was evident. Ron is old enough to be an attractive guy by now. Fred and George are better looking in this film than any of the past ones (which is excellent because their characters are more awesome in Order than any of the other books). Even Percy (the two seconds you see of him) was pretty good looking, even though his character in this book causes all sorts of grief.
  • I'm dying for the last book to come out. And I'm nervous that someone's going to give away the ending before I finish it. It happened with The Half-Blood Prince but it'd be even more horrible with this one. Particularly if Harry's a goner, which I wouldn't be surprised with at all.

Jul 10, 2007

The Animal Game

When I was a child, one of my favorite games we would play in my family was The Animal Game. The game is very simple: one member of the family gets up and acts out an animal until someone guesses what animal it is and then the person who guessed correctly gets a turn to go act out an animal.

I just got an email from Nate that I'm posting here to give you, dear reader, an idea of the kind of family I come from:

I just wanted to let you know how much the animal game has evolved since we were kids. The animals have advanced a great deal since the days when we exhausted our ideas after dog, cat, kangaroo, and sloth. We played for family home evening and some of the more interesting animals were:
  • hydra (Melissa did a cartwheel)
  • flagullent
  • starfish
  • click beetle (that was fun to act)
  • magnetotactic bacteria
  • sponge (Marsha got it the second I started wiggling my fingers inside my central cavity)
  • clam
  • photoautotroph (we can't remember if that is exactly what they're called, but I got it in like three seconds after Melissa held up a plant and acted happy, then turned off the light and started eating everyone)
  • planarian
  • Marsha (I did her gorilla walk thingy and she and Melissa guessed it instantaneously)
  • cow (Melissa did a good cow impersonation by chewing cud, pretending to throw up in her mouth, and then chewing some more)
Kevin kept complaining that all of the older kids animals were too hard to guess, which was ironic because I don't think anyone was able to guess one of his. They were all obscure animals no one else had heard of accompanied with really bad acting. Most were extinct or some sort of sea creature he probably saw on a documentary. He also impersonated some sort of germ that he called a "little bear germ." I'm pretty sure that was some sort of name used in a movie at one point. He acted remarkably like a velociraptor when he was the "little bear germ."

I love how much my family rocks. We are, of course, snobs that think we're smarter than everyone else, but we're fun snobs that think we're smarter than everyone else, so embrace it.

Jul 8, 2007

Cultural Experiences

Yesterday was a good day:
  1. Cleaned the kitchen. Finally. Having no cleaning checks at this apartment is a blessing and a curse.
  2. Went to a Tibetan Buddhist prayer festival. Fun and educational.
  3. Went to a demolition derby. Fun and educational.

Jul 3, 2007


When I was dating Tony he made me promise that I would go to see Transformers with him when it came out. So all in all, I figured it was a good thing that we're not together anymore. Unfortunately, current boyfriend, Trevor, calls this morning: "Andrea, listen to me. You have to come see it. It's robots in disguise. How could that not be cool?" Males, I roll my eyes at you.

Jul 2, 2007

Summer Reading Program

Most Recently Finished

The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios and Other Stories - Yann Martel

Currently Reading

What is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng - Dave Eggers

In Queue

The Kite Runner -Khaled Hosseini
High Fidelity - Nick Hornby
Sweet Diamond Dust and Other Stories - Rosario
On Beauty - Zadie Smith

Jun 30, 2007

So I have this problem...

I can't go to bed unless someone else is already in bed. This is horrible on those rare nights when I have the apartment to myself. I stay up far too late.

I also can't get up until someone else has already gotten up. Allison has work at 5am every morning. This is not a problem these days.

Jun 26, 2007


A group that I would love to see in concert:

(And here is where I spend a long time trying to come up with some clever one-line something using song lyrics or some other music reference to end this post with, but everything I could come up with was either a) way too obscure, b) used songs that I hate, or c) just didn't fit well enough. I spent the most time working with, "It's better to burn out than to fade away," but as nice as the "fade away" bit fits into this (I admire that these people aren't just fading off into being old), the burn out is just too negative (though necessary or nobody would catch the Neil Young/Kurt Cobain reference). Such is life, though. I can't be perfectly clever all the time. At least I didn't just give in to "they sure bring sexy back," or something equally easy, unoriginal (Al Gore has used it for crying out loud!*), and useless.)

*it's true: last year he said at the VMA's that he wouldn't have come but then he heard that "Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back, so here I am." On a semi-related note: one of the best moments of my life was that day in early 2004 that I was innocently driving around West Lafayette listening to NPR and the market analyst guy said, "But then there was some news that would shake the industry like a Polaroid picture" or something to that effect. He wasn't even talking about the music industry, and he just said it straight and finished his story and it was the funniest thing ever. Again, I would never use something that easy myself, but from a market analyst on NPR? Hilarious.