Dec 28, 2007

K-Bull 93 FM...Utah's New Country Leader!

As Linda has been out of the office this week and she is the only one who puts up a huge fuss about listening to country music, we've been listening to country at work. The songs always get stuck in my head because they're simple enough that they just do that. It's kind of irritating.

It's interesting to hear the political discussion on that station. They don't have a ton, but it leaks out and is always amusing. I'm pretty sure country music listeners in the state of Utah are the only people on earth who still think George W. Bush is a truly great president.

On Thursday, they were having a discussion about making US flags mandatory for every public school classroom (you can read about the push to do this in Utah here). Not a single person that called in had anything bad to say about this. The main arguments seemed to be something like: Is it more important to have flags in schools because it teaches them to support our troops or because it teaches them to vote for people with strong Christian morals? I have no idea how these are even related to having a flag in the classroom, but K-Bull listeners seemed to connect these all easily.

I was tempted to call in and say something like "Are you kidding me? Don't you think Utah lawmakers should have something better to do with their time and taxpayer money than push useless bills like this that are clearly only made to win the votes of people like the kind of people who listen to this radio station? And do you people honestly think having lots of flags around equals patriotism? How about we make a rule that we hang science books in every classroom to make kids get better test scores? How about encouraging something that helps children actually learn about their country in school to instill real patriotism, not this 'support America like it's a sports team' mentality?" But, of course, I just continued working and let it fester until it became the blog post you have before you now.


Rachael said...

You need to watch the movie Jesus Camp. It's a documentary about fundamentalist evangelical Christians who literally worship Bush. It's mind boggling. I watched it for my anthropology class, and I can't get it out of my head, and I've been recommending it to everyone.

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