Apr 23, 2012

Need More Fluffy

I took this dog breed selector quiz last night, to see what sort of dog I should get. Not because I'm planning on getting a dog anytime soon, but because research of dog breeds combines my two favorite things: 1) planning in extreme depth only the most trivial parts of my future, and 2) pictures of cute animals on the internet.

The winner: the American Eskimo, a dog I hadn't heard of before, but now need desperately.

So fluffy nice.
Despite the name, this breed is actually German, so we would name our puppy something awesome like Otto or Freidrich or Angela Merkel.

Now for the agonizing 4+ years wait until I've got the time and money and yard and living-somewhere-with-year-round-good-dog-walking-weather-ness that I'll require before one of these little guys is mine.

Apr 9, 2012



I haven't really felt like posting. You probably already figured this out since I haven't posted for the last month. But you know, in case you're stupid, that's what's been going on. Trapper and I made a deal that if I write a meaningful blog post at least once a week for two months he'll start his own blog. We made that deal weeks ago and I still haven't posted until today. So I don't know what to tell you.

But occasionally I feel guilty (which I shouldn't because of all the stupid things I feel guilty about, this should be pretty low priority, but you know...), so here I am.

Books, Again

I broke the pattern in book reading described in the last post. The latest non-fiction book I read was Outliers, which was fantastic (and not about or by SNL alumni).

I believe the next non-fiction trend will be books about Chicago history; I bought a couple the other day. Because I love researching things to death. I suppose I could move to Chicago (we're planning for May 2013) without understanding the cultural effects of the Great Fire or the intricacies involved in putting on the 1893 World's Fair or the life stories of all the major players in the mob culture there. But could I really?

Right now I'm about half-way through the fourth Game of Thrones book. The series is actually called "A Song of Ice and Fire", of course, but since I knew the HBO show before the books, I'll probably always call them "Game of Thrones". I always used to tease Trevor about his fantasy books when we were dating, but there are actually some really terrific ones out there. I'm glad I've had him around to recommend the better ones to me. And having the Nook is very helpful because my #1 biggest problem with reading multiple 1,000-page books with a massive number of characters is keeping all the names straight. But on the Nook, I can just search "Ser Arthur Dayne" or whatever when someone comes up and figure out who they are.


I kind of want to go blonde again. When I tried it last year, I didn't have the patience/money to go as light as I wanted (which would've taken several salon trips to avoid destroying my hair) and then got bored and went black again in October. Warm weather makes me want light hair, though. I cut it chin-length a few weeks ago (I know, I know, I'm supposed to have pictures anytime I change my hair dramatically, well too bad, I don't have anything), so dying would be somewhat less time-consuming/expensive than it was with the massive amounts of long hair I had last time. What I'm feeling for this summer is a color/cut like Brea Grant's here. Except with shorter bangs. Or something. I don't know. That's the trouble with hair, I always want the color/length I don't have.


I've been getting more housework done lately because I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. I have a hard time just doing housework. It isn't mentally stimulating enough for me, so I let it suffer. That and I'm super lazy, but we'll go with the excuse that makes me sound smart. But podcasts give my brain something to consume while my hands are busy. Listening to interviews and stories and such is way more entertaining to me than listening to music; the time goes by quickly and I get a lot done. Highly recommended. Nerdist is my current favorite.