Sep 3, 2013

New Plan

Actually an old plan, but newly cemented as definitely happening. We are moving to Los Angeles this winter (likely around February). For the old reason of "I'm going to go be a star!", while trying very hard not to succumb to the embarrassment of cliché. We're being practical about it. As practical as one can be about pursuing an acting/comedy career. Which is not very.

We're finally in a financial situation (barring any unforeseen events, of course) where the move will be possible, and while we've been talking about moving for a while now, Trevor is truly at the point now where he's ready for it to happen.

He'll be doing improv and possibly sketch classes through UCB and Groundlings and we'll kind of see how things go from there. I think he's excited to continue perfecting his craft with much higher level training than he'd ever be able to get here. And he's excited to be associating with people who are also trying to break into the industry and will hopefully have the same drive to write and perform and film. There are some very talented people here, but for most of them it's a hobby and when it really comes down to "let's set aside time to film this sketch" or whatever, it's really hard to get commitment.

I'm personally excited to be in better weather and closer to family and to live in a big city. I've never lived anywhere with more than 150,000 or so residents, but I've always felt like I'm kind of a city mouse. When I vacation in a big city, I always wish I was living there. I like the urban feel. I like being a part of a busy, crawling mass of people. Probably after a week of LA traffic, I'll realize it's not that great, but it's a city! With so much more to offer in the realm of art and food and music and fashion! If I had any money to experience it. Anyway...

We're too far out to be planning exactly where we'll be living or working, even though I really wish I could just nail that stuff down now so I don't have to stress out about it. We're tentatively looking at the East Hollywood/West Los Feliz/Thai Town area since it's close-ish to everything and fairly affordable and looks somewhat not sketchy based on what I've read and seen in pictures. We'll have to have some sort of scouting mission before really pinning anything down. North Hollywood might also be a possibility. Seems slightly less sketchy and also fairly affordable, but a little further away from Hollywood proper (where Trevor's classes will be, so we're trying to stay close, though it's not an area I think I want to live directly in). I don't know. I could ramble about LA neighborhoods quite a bit, but really don't actually know anything. Also, this is boring talk for anyone other than my two readers who are familiar with LA, so I'll shut up.

As far as work goes, I'll have to find something out there, which is the part I'm not looking forward to. We should have the money saved that we can survive two or three months while I find a job, but obviously the sooner the better. They say people going out there to act should get something with flexible hours since you never know when you'll have auditions and such, which probably means I should get something with flexible hours so that I can drive Trevor to stuff when needed. Which means I'll likely be a waitress. Which my feet will not like, but might be a nice change of pace to working in an office. I'm really tired of doing the kind of work I'm doing right now. If we weren't moving, I'd be doing everything I could to get going with college again. Because I really can't do this forever. Food service is a dead-end job as well, of course, but at least it's a different dead-end job than mine. Or, if I really luck out and can find something that pays decently enough, I would love to be a nanny. It's not usually as good of money or as flexible on the hours as waiting tables would be, so maybe not, but I really enjoy working with children and I think I'm pretty good at it. And it would be a more fulfilling job than anything else that I'm qualified for. I dunno. Rambling again.