Sep 30, 2005


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Since all of my classes this semester fit under the groups of history and religion, there's lots of overlap. And I love it.

It's really cool to talk about the same things but with all these different perspectives depending on the emphasis of the class.

In World Religion we'll be talking about Confucianism next week (though, I don't know if I really classify Confucianism as a religion), and it'll be all of the same stuff we talked about in China class at the beginning of the year with traditional Chinese society, except an emphasis on the spiritual rather than the political and cultural.

In New Testament, we're talking about the history behind the times of Christ, so lots of stuff on Rome, which is what we're discussing in World Civilizations, except the emphasis on the Jewish society as opposed to the more global perspective.

And I could find a common topic between basically every single one of my classes, but I won't bore you any more with it.

It's nice, because history is so effected by religion (religion's all we talk about in Utah history, the Indian cultures, then the Spanish Catholic explorers, then the Mormon migration...) and religion is so effected by history. And I'm learning so much and it's all intertwined. And I LOVE SCHOOL!!! It's all so fascinating.

Well, my Post-Reconstrucation US history isn't incredibly fascinating, but that's because my proffessor is essentially Proffessor Binns from Harry Potter. Meaning dull beyond reason. But, the topics are still interesting. And totally have to do with my other classes...Protestant effects on American politics, and American participation in the Boxer rebellion in China, and the effects that railroads had on developing the west is basically the exact same lecture we got in Utah history on the effects of railroads developing Utah, and...anyway, I could go on forever. Because it's all sooo cool!

Sep 26, 2005

A little lesson for those unfortunate enough not to know

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BYU acronyms that really should be incorporated into mainstream speech, because they are oh so useful:
  • NCMO (pronouced "nicmo")--"Non-Commital Make-Out", as in: "I don't want a boyfriend, I just want a ncmo buddy."
  • DTR--"Define The Relationship", as in: "Listen you've been 'kind of dating' for a month now, you just need to DTR with him."
  • VL--"Virgin Lips", as in: "Well, you don't want to just lose VL status to anyone." "No, you don't understand, I'm probably the only 22 year-old who has never been kissed in the nation."
So next time I say, "I was talking to him and it got kind of DTR-ish" or "Well, it's not like she's VL" or whatever, I don't want any question marks, okay?

It happens, okay?

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"So you guys are like...long distance friends with benefits? Does that even work?"

Sep 24, 2005


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Melanie: Okay girls, we all have a hot date tonight with our apartment that really needs some heavy-duty cleaning.

Emily: What!!???

Melanie: Tonight we're all staying in and having a cleaning party. So hot date with the apartment. Time to put on your sex music and get out the sponges...

Emily: Dang, I though you said we were going to have hot dates who were going to clean our apartment.

Melanie: That's something nice to fantasize about isn't it? But remember how we live in real life?

Ahh, but our apartment is really clean now. I was in charge of the fridge..horray for organizing!!! Also, horray for not having rotten tomatoes in the back of our fridge stinking everything up!

We were supposed to go to a Gates dance party afterwards, but Emilee and Melanie both decided they didn't want to go, so that was that. I was disappointed. Because that meant I had nothing to do with my evening but go to bed early and that meant I wasn't too tired and that meant I spent way to long just staring into the dark and thinking and that meant way depressing, since...gah, why do I put myself in these emotionally painful situations?

Yikes, going to a movie and clothes shopping today...someone stop me from spending money!!

Sep 21, 2005

prank calls/excitment

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So I got a call from my visiting teaching supervisor last night, harrassing me about getting mine done. But then it turned out to be my grandma prank-calling me. No joke.

I'm excited for fall to come. The trees up high in the mountains (gaahhh...the word is forever tainted, thanks a lot James/Shakira) are all turning reds and yellows and you can see it slowly moving down. And then I can play in the leaves. And then pick bits of leaves out of my hair for months to come, but it's worth it.

And I'm excited for Christmas to come. Only three months and 4 days left!!! At work today there was a CD player going (it must've been going all night) in one of the Army officers offices and it was playing jazz combo versions of Christmas songs. I don't exactly get it, but I was glad to hear it. I love Christmas music. And please don't tell me any of you are the kind of people that don't light up with child-like wonder at the mention of Christmas. I hate apathy about things that are clearly awesome. I am, however, not excited to go to Utah history tonight. We have a quiz, which means I should probably do my reading for once.

Sep 19, 2005 sue me

(originally posted at I didn't think I'd ever live to see the day when Donald Trump would wear overalls and sing the Green Acres theme song, but I'm oh so glad I did. ------------------------------- Andrea's guilty pleasure numero uno: bad 80's love songs. I just like them okay? ------------------------------- For some reason, I'm really just missing pep band right now. Probably because it's basically the best thing that's ever happened to me. ------------------------------- Okay, so we're watching Aladdin, in sing-along mode projected on a sheet hanging from the 203 boy's balcony and eating carmel popcorn. Yes, be jealous. Adam: Oh, and bring blankets...cuddling is encouraged. Emilee: That means you and me, Andrea. ------------------------------- Another boy just called for McKenzi...I don't know where they all come from. Or what in the world her secret is. ------------------------------- "Well, yeah...because what bond can be greater than that of a girl and her sister's college roommate?"