Nov 30, 2014

Fall 2014 Classes Review

  • "Diversity and Film": Loved the class. Learned nothing.
  • "Calculus II": Loved the class. Learned a lot.
  • "Object-Oriented Programming": Hated the class. Learned a lot.
  • "Intermediate Writing": Hated the class. Learned nothing.
Only two days left of classes before finals, which is insane. And I'll be done with general ed classes forever, which is also insane.

Nov 19, 2014


I crave anonymity not because I want to be invisible forever, but because of the hope. The anticipation.

If nobody knows me they don't know how boring and self-absorbed I am. I can be anything. Anonymity is a chance to emerge interesting and important. While a nameless face, the dream is alive.

I crave the hope of the dark. Stepping into the light, I am fresh. All is possible.

Interest is a fickle lover. Freshness dies and I must leave. Find a new dark corner for fanciful ambitions. Dreams are much gentler than the struggle to obtain them.

...I really should be doing homework right now. I'm so embarrassed of everything.