Aug 20, 2010

Haircut: Now Available in Black

(with brown highlights because I got the cheap dye AND am not particularly thorough)(also, I probably could've picked a less greasy time to take the picture, but I can't wait around until the new color is old news, so here we go)

Aug 18, 2010


I ask myself, "Are there honestly people out there that believe that terrorism and Islam are the same thing?" and millions of Americans shout back, "Here we are!"

I've been kind of surprised over what a big deal the mosque planned for near Ground Zero has become. And kind of disappointed by the number of people I generally respect who have been against it. It's one thing if someone was proposing building a museum honoring the accomplishments of Al Qaeda or like...a bomb-making school. But a mosque? Really? Is there anything more symbolic of peace and healing than a place of worship?

Winner of most hilarious (though perhaps rather misinformed) argument on the matter goes to a coworker of mine who shall not be named: "Wouldn't you want a mosque next to you to make sure you're not the victim of a terrorist attack? We should put a mosque on the top floor of every skyscraper in New York to keep terrorists away; they're not going to blow up a mosque!"

Aug 15, 2010


For those wondering how long it would take for me to get around to that previously-discussed haircut, the moment is now. Bored Sunday afternoons standing in the bathroom with a pair of scissors in your hand long enough will do that to you.

Much better, yes? Though we are using before/after technology so we could also go the other way and say much better:
But I am pleased with the cut. And Trevor can't stop raving about how much he likes it, and that also pleases me, as well.

And for those curious about the back/side. Behold:

Aug 12, 2010


First person to product wins, not first person to idea.

I started a blog post like a year ago that made a similar point to this article:

I like going to people's houses and being able to tell what kind of person they are from the films and albums and books on their shelves. Because, like the kind of nerd snob I am, there is a part of me that believes these things define who someone is (yes, I know it doesn't...technically). Ipods, Kindles, even Netflix ruin this.

My drafts folder is full of these. Ideas that I put down so that I'll remember to write something more elaborate later. Some are one sentence long (an applicable one, for example: "The internet just helps you realize more fully that all of your brilliant ideas have been thought of before."). Others are longer, but just never reached publishable quality (when did I even write these paragraphs about how I'm bored with the tired themes of African American literature? I don't remember this post attempt at all...).

But yeah, I was kind of upset/relieved to come across the Slate article because then I didn't feel like I'd have to finish the above draft. It's already been written about, so now I can just link and call my work done. (As if I was the first person to ever think it anyway...)