Jan 30, 2010


Last week I canceled my WoW account and reallocated that part of our entertainment budget to a Netflix subscription. Thus far: Good decision, Andrea.

Here's my one complaint about Netflix, though. It kind of makes me feel like all the movies I've purchased in the past was a waste of money. I now could have virtually any film I'd like to see in my house in a short shipping time whenever I want. Also it makes it useless to purchase films for Trevor which has been one of my staples when I want get him a gift. This probably means saving money, but still...

Jan 23, 2010

This Time: More Kitty Pictures!

Fidel does not like taking a bath. But he is brave.
Tiberius likes Yoga with his fluffy tummy.

Julius is a cat.
We tried to take a picture with all three cats in a box. Julius was good, but Tiberius and Fidel would not stay put.

Jan 20, 2010

Six More for that Unemployment Number

Some of my favorite coworkers got laid off yesterday. I don't know if the company I work for is going to survive or not...nobody does. A year ago yesterday I started this job and I've enjoyed it for much of that year. Trying to stay optimistic.

The plan: Find a second job that I can work part-time in the evenings or weekends that could turn into a full-time job if the company goes under. We need the extra money anyway.

Jan 10, 2010

Oh my kitties

My wonderful mother and father got Trevor and me a camera for Christmas. Which means....Kitty Pictures!

Fidel is the king of the mattress propped up against the wall. Tiberius doesn't mind, he just likes lying on soft things.

Jan 3, 2010

Economic Recovery

Scene - New Year's Party

Me: What are everyone's New Year's Resolutions?
Travis: Get a job.
Tylor: Get a job.
Trevor: Get a job.
Becca: Yeah, I need a job, too.
Kain: Buy a boat.
Me: Don't you need a job before you can get a boat?
Kain: Yeah...I'll find something...

Jan 2, 2010

Must have!

Watching TV online the other day, I saw this commercial about fifty times. During this period, I came to three conclusions: 1) I want a car with a bench seat in front bad. There is something so vintage about them. 2) I want bangs again. 3) Maybe having a big dog would be kind of awesome. I cut bangs that very night. And I'm working on the bench seat car, but that's not free.

However, I did not come to the conclusion "I want to buy a Canon Powershot camera". But isn't that the nature of commercials? Trevor reports a similar experience with this commercial. It did not invoke the response "I want to drink Ketel One vodka", but it sure did fill him with a strong desire to have a "gentlemen in suits playing cards" night. Also the beard.

Jan 1, 2010

Top 10 Albums of The Noughties (a name I hate, but what else have we got?)

I'm not a music journalist and I'm sure I missed plenty of good music during the decade, but these are the albums that personally meant the most to me/impressed me the most during the decade that we just left (in no particular order):

Is This It - The Strokes
The Animal Years - Josh Ritter
Hot Fuss - The Killers
Illinois - Sufjan Stevens
Demon Days - Gorillaz
Mesmerize - System of a Down
On a Wire - The Get Up Kids
Absolution - Muse
Dog Problems - The Format
Excuses for Travelers - Mojave 3

Noticeably Missing: Kid A - Radiohead. It's at/near the top of practically every list I've seen and I love Radiohead, but it seemed like such a freebie...I'm burnt out on reading how great this album is...I couldn't do it. Also, of late my favorite Radiohead album is The Bends. Maybe that makes me not as progressive. But I've been really feeling the post-grunge thing.

I thought about doing a list of my top films as well, but I really don't watch enough films to be any good whatsoever.