Jan 1, 2010

Top 10 Albums of The Noughties (a name I hate, but what else have we got?)

I'm not a music journalist and I'm sure I missed plenty of good music during the decade, but these are the albums that personally meant the most to me/impressed me the most during the decade that we just left (in no particular order):

Is This It - The Strokes
The Animal Years - Josh Ritter
Hot Fuss - The Killers
Illinois - Sufjan Stevens
Demon Days - Gorillaz
Mesmerize - System of a Down
On a Wire - The Get Up Kids
Absolution - Muse
Dog Problems - The Format
Excuses for Travelers - Mojave 3

Noticeably Missing: Kid A - Radiohead. It's at/near the top of practically every list I've seen and I love Radiohead, but it seemed like such a freebie...I'm burnt out on reading how great this album is...I couldn't do it. Also, of late my favorite Radiohead album is The Bends. Maybe that makes me not as progressive. But I've been really feeling the post-grunge thing.

I thought about doing a list of my top films as well, but I really don't watch enough films to be any good whatsoever.

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