Jan 30, 2010


Last week I canceled my WoW account and reallocated that part of our entertainment budget to a Netflix subscription. Thus far: Good decision, Andrea.

Here's my one complaint about Netflix, though. It kind of makes me feel like all the movies I've purchased in the past was a waste of money. I now could have virtually any film I'd like to see in my house in a short shipping time whenever I want. Also it makes it useless to purchase films for Trevor which has been one of my staples when I want get him a gift. This probably means saving money, but still...

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mom said...

We love netflix! Did you get the instant streaming option also? We now get to watch Dora the Explorer whenever Thomas wants to. I really don't like going to the video store and Netflix has such a huge selection. I love watching the old movies and old TV series. The kids didn't really get into Brady Bunch like I hoped they would though. I at least want to find the episode where they say Marsha, Marsha, Marsha so Marsha will no what everyone it talking about when they say that to her.