Jul 31, 2008

What I have going on these days:

  • I had a dream that me, Trevor, Mike, and Britt (Mike and Britt are the housemates) were doing a Backstreet Boys routine for a ward talent show (naturally) and Britt moved out of the house for like a month because she and her husband were fighting over which of them got to be Nick. (I was AJ, for those wondering). Inspired by this dream, I have been singing along to Backstreet music videos all afternoon, something that hasn't really happened since the day approximately a year ago when Allison, Valerie and I sang along to "I Want It That Way" several times in a row in our living room for no explicable reason.
  • Okay, in this bullet-point, I am going to confess one of my deepest, darkest secrets. I understand that many of my friends and family will disown me for this, but I ask you to just try to understand. This is me. That's as much as I want to say about it for now.
  • Here is the bullet-point where I try to redeem myself by introducing you to one of the greatest pictures/articles ever created: right here.
  • Two days ago, I called the temp agency that I'm working with to try to find work and they sure had something for me, and I worked in a industrial/factory job for the first and last time in my life for the day. My job was to put the boxes of Lucerne Kreme Koolers into bigger boxes for shipping and then babysit them as they came down the conveyor belt. It was really fun for the first hour or so because you're a part of that one segment on Mr. Rodgers when they show you how things are made, but the second hour or so was the most miserable I've been in a long time. It was so hot and loud and I had to wear a hairnet and serial killer guy kept on talking to me but I couldn't understand anything he said and I was on my feet for so long and all I had eaten all day was part of a protein bar hours earlier. But after sitting down for a bit in the freezer to cool off and rest (which somehow smelled exactly like the Matterhorn and Disneyland...something about cold old machinery...I couldn't quite put my finger on it) and eating a couple of the popsicles we were packaging, I felt just fine and the rest of the time flew by. My feet hurt at the end and I got a wound on my shoulder from crawling under some of the machinery, but it wasn't too bad. Trevor doesn't want me to work in that kind of environment again, so I'm not doing it again unless we're ever really desperate for money, but it was a good experience. The most amazing part to me was how incredibly wasteful the process was. I saw literally thousands and thousands of reject popsicles get thrown away or fall off the machinery. I don't think I could ever have a job in a quality control kind of position, because I'm definitely the sort that thinks "I'd still eat that" to essentially anything that hasn't been like...pooped on.
  • Another confession: I didn't post the link to my WoW character until I was level 32 because that gave me until level 37 before I was another prime number, and everyone would have looked at it by then. I hate when my level is a prime number.

Jul 14, 2008

At Money Train Title Loans! Whoo whoo whoo!

Every once in a while we have those moments in life where you wish for something impossible, and then get it. These times are rare and forever cherished. Allow me to share my joy with you:

Those that know me will know, I'm kind of a lyric Nazi. If I like a song, it's likely that I know all of the words. Even if I don't like a song, but hear a song often enough, it's likely that I know all of the words. This is due in part to my superb memory when it comes to remembering useless information (which, if I were to truly be honest with myself, is the category that the lyrics to every single Will Smith song falls into), but also due to the fact that I'm just a little obsessive about it and will look up the lyrics to any song that I'm unsure about. I love being able to sing along and not have to break into the "I don't know what to do; I'm always in the dark; We're something nanananana and duhduhduhduh! I really need you tonight!" Or be the authority when the important questions in life ("Is it 'I went to the danger zone' or 'highway to the danger zone'?") come up.

It is very difficult for me when confronted with a song that I can't figure out what they are saying and there is no way to look up the lyrics. Case in point: the money train commercial that would come on the radio all the time back in the Heritage days (I realize there are so many posts on this blog that discuss the radio when I worked at Heritage, it's just a really important part of my life, okay?). I always wanted to be able to sing along to it for three reasons: 1) it was very catchy, and would get stuck in my head, but then I didn't know more than a few words to repeat over and over; 2) the words were so not understandable that I kept on hearing things that didn't make sense and knew weren't right; 3) it would be pretty much guaranteed to make someone laugh, most likely Erin.

I definitely wished for some way to look up the words, and tried googling it a few times in a desperate attempt to bring peace to my soul. Then one day, a modern-day miracle occurred. I was innocently watching the television, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but this:

Why they choose to have the words posted at the bottom, we can only guess. But as for me (and Grandpa), we believe in miracles (where you from? you sexy thing).

Life Update

For those that need the update:

I'm living in American Fork. Trevor is doing tech support for Dell in Lindon. I was doing collections for a law firm in Midvale for a couple weeks, but recently quit because there's no way to get Trevor to work with my schedule and it wasn't that great of a job, so am back on the job hunt. I will be attending UVU in the fall, probably just part-time, though. Mike and Brittany's cat, Nilla, is in heat and getting a little too friendly as I type this. That's about all we've got going on.

Jul 7, 2008

What Have I Done?

1) A strap on the trash purse (found in a trashcan while doing custodial work for BYU two years ago) broke a few days ago and I finally had to find a new all-purpose handbag. I found a solid replacement at Target the next day, so major crisis was avoided. However, when I took this new purse home, I noticed it had a peculiar 24" by 15 " polyethylene foam pad included in it. I suspiciously laid it on the floor, wondering what it could be for when with horror I figured it out: this is for changing a baby on. I had unwittingly purchased a diaper bag. It looks like a normal purse, but now I hold it self-consciously--what if someone sees through my ruse?

2) I realized only today the greatest drawback of losing my job at Heritage. I was, over the course of about two months, in the process of writing one of my greatest blog posts ever, and it was only saved on my work computer and is surely erased now. It was a review of the radio stations we would listen to at work. I would have brilliant thoughts come to me while listening to, say, Movin' 100.7 and take a second to jot down a quick line about how great it was that at least one station in this town can recognize the brilliance of the complete works of Will Smith, etc. It was a really great post and it is lost forever, so please take a moment to imagine reading it and how great it would be and then pretend it really happened and think I'm a genius. Thank you.