Jul 14, 2008

At Money Train Title Loans! Whoo whoo whoo!

Every once in a while we have those moments in life where you wish for something impossible, and then get it. These times are rare and forever cherished. Allow me to share my joy with you:

Those that know me will know, I'm kind of a lyric Nazi. If I like a song, it's likely that I know all of the words. Even if I don't like a song, but hear a song often enough, it's likely that I know all of the words. This is due in part to my superb memory when it comes to remembering useless information (which, if I were to truly be honest with myself, is the category that the lyrics to every single Will Smith song falls into), but also due to the fact that I'm just a little obsessive about it and will look up the lyrics to any song that I'm unsure about. I love being able to sing along and not have to break into the "I don't know what to do; I'm always in the dark; We're something nanananana and duhduhduhduh! I really need you tonight!" Or be the authority when the important questions in life ("Is it 'I went to the danger zone' or 'highway to the danger zone'?") come up.

It is very difficult for me when confronted with a song that I can't figure out what they are saying and there is no way to look up the lyrics. Case in point: the money train commercial that would come on the radio all the time back in the Heritage days (I realize there are so many posts on this blog that discuss the radio when I worked at Heritage, it's just a really important part of my life, okay?). I always wanted to be able to sing along to it for three reasons: 1) it was very catchy, and would get stuck in my head, but then I didn't know more than a few words to repeat over and over; 2) the words were so not understandable that I kept on hearing things that didn't make sense and knew weren't right; 3) it would be pretty much guaranteed to make someone laugh, most likely Erin.

I definitely wished for some way to look up the words, and tried googling it a few times in a desperate attempt to bring peace to my soul. Then one day, a modern-day miracle occurred. I was innocently watching the television, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but this:

Why they choose to have the words posted at the bottom, we can only guess. But as for me (and Grandpa), we believe in miracles (where you from? you sexy thing).

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Erin said...

oh my gosh. something in my life feels more complete now. sigh.