Jul 7, 2008

What Have I Done?

1) A strap on the trash purse (found in a trashcan while doing custodial work for BYU two years ago) broke a few days ago and I finally had to find a new all-purpose handbag. I found a solid replacement at Target the next day, so major crisis was avoided. However, when I took this new purse home, I noticed it had a peculiar 24" by 15 " polyethylene foam pad included in it. I suspiciously laid it on the floor, wondering what it could be for when with horror I figured it out: this is for changing a baby on. I had unwittingly purchased a diaper bag. It looks like a normal purse, but now I hold it self-consciously--what if someone sees through my ruse?

2) I realized only today the greatest drawback of losing my job at Heritage. I was, over the course of about two months, in the process of writing one of my greatest blog posts ever, and it was only saved on my work computer and is surely erased now. It was a review of the radio stations we would listen to at work. I would have brilliant thoughts come to me while listening to, say, Movin' 100.7 and take a second to jot down a quick line about how great it was that at least one station in this town can recognize the brilliance of the complete works of Will Smith, etc. It was a really great post and it is lost forever, so please take a moment to imagine reading it and how great it would be and then pretend it really happened and think I'm a genius. Thank you.


Erin said...

Oh, if only you had told me quicker! I could have retrieved it for you!! I saw your comment on my blog and was SO EXCITED because I thought: she's updated! Good to hear from you :) And my intestines are still being mean- arg. But hey, I really appreciate the invite :)

Rachael said...

You're brilliant! A genius! The best radio station reviewer ever!

Also, I feel your pain. My school bag is a diaper bag. I bought it knowing that it was, but I still wonder if people know what it's suppossed to be. At least diaper bags are fairly cute now, and not completely covered in Winnie the Pooh and stuff.

Valerie said...

Can I have the foam pad? Totally joking.

I imagine I am dumbfounded by your wit and uncanny ability to capture the moment in your highly researched radio post...that is, your post about the radio.

Way to go.