Jun 18, 2008

TV Time

The television (like radio, but you can see as well as hear what's happening!) has come back into my life of late as cable was hooked up in my house a couple weeks ago. I've never had a lot of TV in my life, so it has always felt like a treat to sit down and watch it. When I was a kid, we were always really excited to stay in hotels on vacation because they had all of these channels with endless programming. It didn't matter if the beach or some museum or national park was nearby, vacations were great because the TV was constantly going when we were in the hotel. It didn't even really matter what we were watching. It was just an exciting source of 24-hour entertainment.

These days, I stick almost entirely to "educational" programs. I put "educational" in quotes because my husband and some others in this world somehow don't view "What Not To Wear" as an educational program even thought I've definitely gotten a lot of ideas out of it and it is non-fiction. The channels that I have memorized what station they are thus far are: 10-History, 35- HGTV, 40-Food, 53-VH1, 59-E!, 60-Style, 271-Investigation Discovery, 272-National Geographic, 275-Biography, 276- History International. That'll give you a rough idea of what I watch.

Things I keep on watching programs about and shouldn't because they make me lie in bed at night terrified: serial killers, UFOs, haunted places. I can't help it because they're so fascinating and they aren't that scary when you're watching them, but man, when the lights are out in the house and I hear a bush scraping on the window in the bedroom...uhuhulllll (that's approximately the sound I make when scared, give me a break). It's very nice to have a husband sleeping next to you at these times, but they're still horrible.

On a completely unrelated note: I hate that on U-Hauls they always have some sort of factoid written on the side of them about the place that's pictured in a full paragraph of small print that is impossible to read if you ever see a U-Haul on the road. I always try, but never get farther than "Did you know...Toronto is one of only two cities that" before it's too late and then I wonder for the rest of my life what interesting thing I could have known about Toronto (for as we all know, I'm kind of a trivia junkie).


Erin said...

I have never...even once...noticed the factoids on the side of the UHauls. Crazy. I should try and check them out sometime. But it sounds like a useless endeavor. Sounds like you're doing well :) I'm glad!

emilee said...

I still worry that a serial killer will keep me captive, rape me for days, cut me up and keep me in his freezer for years...i'm glad you got a cell phone:)