Jun 4, 2008


So things are doing okay now. I've had some time to read some books (more on this later) and concentrate on moving details (we're moving to American Fork, more on this later) and work out other things and life is decent enough. I plan on going to UVSC starting in the fall and hopefully finding full-time work for this summer.

And I just wanted to apologize for the ugly state of things on my blog the last few days. I've had some technical difficulties and limited internet access lately. I've just changed over to a new template for now and when I have the time I'll tweak it into something that suits me better (Trapper, I'm still interested in doing background fun with you).


Trapper said...

Hey, I kept asking you to get those backgrounds and you never did. =(

Allison said...

Happy changing. Good luck. Keep me posted. Let me know if I can ever do anything to be of service. Yeah.