Jan 26, 2011


On the way to work this morning:

NPR Reporter: "...in response to the Tunisian man who self-immolated himself last month..."

Me: (eye roll) "Such a stonger statement than self-immolating someone else..." (pause) "WHAT HAVE I BECOME??!!"

With constant news coverage, horrific stories cease to be moving within a week or so. Not to blame the 24-hr news cycle for yet another thing wrong with this country. Because, let's face it, I have the same insatiable desire for news as anyone else.

Jan 5, 2011

New Years Resolution + Cry for Help

Among my New Years Resolutions: Eat out three or less times per week.

I know that eating out three times a week is a massive amount to some of you (Valerie's succeeding at not eating out at all...), but it would represent a cutback from Trevor's and my current lifestyle. We'll be making progress while still eating out for our weekly date nights (couple's tradition), comedy nights (we often have to head up to Salt Lake straight from work so a home-cooked dinner is out of the question) and a freebie here and there (because I'm still lazy).

So here's the cry for help part. If you have any awesome ideas for a) packed lunches at work, and/or b) easy-to-make dinners at home, please provide in the comments below. I feel like my rotation of things I make is far too small.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • The reasons for this goal are to be more healthy and save money, so think nutritious and think cheap.
  • Trevor and I do have microwave access at work.
  • The reason we eat out so much is mostly because I just straight up hate cooking and/or packing a lunch for the next day in the evening after work (weekends aren't so bad). Maybe that's something I should just get over, but faster and easier things are more likely to be actually tried.
  • We don't really eat out for breakfast, so no worries there (Clif bars and juice bottles are breakfast on-the-go pretty much every workday, and then cereal/oatmeal works fine for weekends).