Dec 17, 2007

One of the guys

My entire life, my friend groups have always been primarily female, with a few males sprinkled in there. This semester has been different. My female friends all moved to foreign countries (or, in some cases, the other side of Provo, which is somehow almost equally hard to deal with) or got married or in some other way abandoned me, and we already know how I feel with the current girls I'm surrounded with. So I've spent lots of time hanging out with Trevor's friends, because they're generally awesome and don't seem to mind having me around.

Some effects of this:
  • I say "dude" far more often than I would like.
  • Saying things like "my uterus hurts" prompts all sorts of uncomfortableness, followed by several timid questions that begin with, "While we're on the subject, I've always wondered..."
  • I know far more about video games than I ever expected to in my life. Especially if it's Super Smash Bros. I spend an embarrassing amount of time with that game.
  • I will still never like action films or think penis jokes are that funny.
  • The people I hang out with the most are "Heffy", "James the Healer", "Crigger", "The Gimp", etc. I occasionally forget these people have real names.
  • I thought stealing the reserved parking sign that says "Zarbock" on it was a brilliant idea because his name sounds like he should be an goblin king or an orc warlord.
  • Occasionally I have to say things like "I know I'm wearing two different houndstooth pattern things at the same time and they aren't really coordinated but...please don't judge me," to nobody in particular to remind everyone (mostly myself) that I am a girl.
  • I participated in the 24-inch challenge at Sensuous Sandwich.

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Anonymous said...

I have always found hanging out with mainly guys, who are very laid back and like cool things and eat a lot, to be on the whole a ton more fun than hanging out with mostly girls, who tend to talk way too much about certain subjects and are subject to intense inter-group politics, which hardly ever happens with boys.

(Yourself being a notable exception to this generalization naturally.)