Dec 20, 2007

50 Things About Me

An ex-boyfriend's friend's wife who I always really liked did this on her blog once upon a time (you can see it here, if you're interested), and I always thought it was a good idea.

Anyone who knows me well will know most of these, but I don't think anybody knows all of them and it's random enough that it shouldn't be too boring of a read for even those that do know most. If I'm wrong, I apologize.
  1. I prefer sad endings to happy ones.
  2. I am courageous when it comes to things where the worst that could happen is getting caught and punished or embarrassing myself, but spineless when the worst that could happen involves physical pain.
  3. I can play Minesweeper for hours and be perfectly content.
  4. When I'm walking somewhere and see a cat nearby, I always stop to pet it and am very disappointed when it runs away from me.
  5. I hate when the clothes have the brand printed prominently on them.
  6. I love moving.
  7. When presented with any sort of artsy career (poet, painter, ballerina, name it), I spend the next hour or so horribly jealous that I don't have a job like that.
  8. I wear a skirt or dress roughly three times a week.
  9. My greatest fear is to be called down on The Price Is Right. I know I'd never put myself in a situation where that would be a possibility, but still...I would do horribly on that game.
  10. My favorite ice cream flavors are always chocolate-based.
  11. I love nearly anything involving lace because it's so feminine.
  12. I wish I had the time and talent to always sew my own clothes, cut my own hair, make my own make-up, etc.
  13. One of my greatest faults is I let myself get pushed around a lot and I hate it.
  14. Often when I get my blood pressure taken, the person taking it will comment on how low it is and I'm always proud of it even though it's almost entirely my gene's fault.
  15. When living with roommates, I always forget to do the dishes on my day.
  16. Most days I drink a lot more water than the recommended 8ish glasses/day.
  17. I wish there were more opportunities to dance in this world.
  18. I have believed in love at first sight since my Senior year of high school because my English teacher, Mrs. Helton, told us she has experienced it and I trust her.
  19. I cannot get up out of bed right when I wake up. I prefer a good half-an-hour of lie there and think time, and hate that I don't get that often.
  20. I'm a romantic, but tend to date guys who are more romantic than I am.
  21. I've have a bear that I've had since I was a baby that I still sleep with because it feels more comfortable to hold something against my breast when I'm falling asleep.
  22. The think I miss most from high school is playing in band, as nerdy as that is.
  23. I love hanging out with my siblings more than any other group of people.
  24. People are often impressed with how much I can eat for a girl of my build.
  25. I constantly feel the yearning to travel but never have answers for questions that start with something like "If you could visit anywhere in the world...".
  26. When I was in elementary school and junior high, I would sometime pretend to have crushes on boys so that nobody would find out who I really had a crush on. Now I have no idea what the use of keeping it so secret was.
  27. I don't like having to follow recipes or patterns or instructions of any kind to do something because then you're making it exactly like how someone else has made it.
  28. I like shopping alone far better than with someone.
  29. I have a very hard time asking for help.
  30. I despise picky eaters and instantly judge people when I hear "I don't like pickles," or the like.
  31. My blood type is B Negative.
  32. I've been in love with 3.5 men in my lifetime and it got much better with each one.
  33. The thing that has shaped my character more than any other factor is being born and raised in the Mormon church and I'm perfectly okay with it.
  34. I like veggie-lovers pizza the best.
  35. In all cases I can think of, I prefer the British spelling of words to American, though will often still use the American so nobody thinks I'm trying to impress anyone.
  36. I've never thought of someone as an enemy and find the concept very hard to grasp.
  37. My favorite sport to watch is football and my favorite to play is soccer.
  38. I'll eat every last thing I have before I go grocery shopping and wear every last article of clothing I own before I do laundry even though I like grocery shopping and laundry.
  39. My two favorite states for my feet: barefoot or in heels.
  40. Isaac Mizrahi once said something about buying things that are either very cheap or very expensive and nothing in between and I immediately decided this is how I would live my life.
  41. I don't have the patience to play a full game of chess.
  42. My favorite numbers = y in the equation y=x^2 when x is a whole number.
  43. The people who are dearest to me are those that I can spend time with and not say a thing but not be bored in the slightest.
  44. When the weather is nice I walk anywhere I can and experiment with different routes to find the most interesting one.
  45. When I was a child, I often judged how much I liked a fictional character solely by how pretty they were. Personality had nearly no play in who my favorite Planeteer was or whatever the case may be.
  46. The only food I don't like is mandarin oranges.
  47. I rarely sneeze just once; it always comes in sets. Normal is three to six sneezes in quick succession. My record is thirteen.
  48. One of my goals in life is to vote for a 3rd party candidate, but I doubt the right one will come along.
  49. I get mad at myself when I sleep past noon on Saturday mornings, not because I've wasted half the day sleeping, but because I've missed Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, my favorite radio program and, unfortunately, one of the few news sources of late.
  50. I like my meat rare and my baked goods slightly undercooked. (and feel like I've had too many food-related facts about me here, but oh well.


Trev said...

So....I'm confused. Am I 2.5 of the men you've been in love with or just .5?

Rachael said...

Are we the same person? I identify with so much of these!