Dec 11, 2007


Update #1: We have found an apartment. We'll have to build a ramp, but it's just a few steps up and it'll be fine. A two-bedroom place a few blocks south of BYU. And the toilet and bathtub are pink. And Trevor and I have a good time arguing about what to do with the 2nd bedroom. ("You are not putting a sewing machine in our guitar/sword room." "Stop calling it that; there's no such thing as a guitar/sword room!")

Update #2: Wedding dates have changed. Money and housing and family and traveling and whatever-the-heck-else just would be simpler with a couple more weeks. So we'll be getting married and having the Provo reception on Jan 12th and the Ridgecrest reception will be either Jan 18th or 19th, depending on when we can schedule the building. This is the last time things will change, I promise.


Anonymous said...

that is the best news i have had all day...and for some reason i with trevor even though my mind tells me no, my heart says yes

Rachael said...

You could have a guitar/sword/sewing room. Or just turn it into a fabulously large closet/dressing room. :)

Trev said...

That is a terrible idea! You are hereby banned from giving further decorative advice from this day onward. I have had a scribe take down the exact time and date, if you wish to pursue these matters in a judiciary fashion. Good day, sir!

Allison said...

I'm still excited for y'all to have your place...and I'm not going to lie, I'm really excited that the toilet is pink. I don't know why that excites me, but it does. And I'm excited I'll be able to attend the reception in Provo.

As for the extra room...I vote that you use the swords to slice a line down the middle...probably at a diagonal, however you perfer to cut sandwiches, and then have the room be half guitar room and half sewing room.

Good luck with all your important decisions and preparations. When I'm back in Provo, let me know if I can help with anything. Y'all are amazing.

Rachael said...

Trevor, I will continue to give solicited and unsolicited decorating advice until the day I die! I'm a girl, it's my prerogative. :)

So there.