Dec 22, 2007

Two Things:

1) "Wake Up Call" by Maroon 5 is one of the absolute dumbest songs I've ever heard. When it comes on the radio at work, I go to the bathroom whether I need to or not.

2) It's fun to look at the search engine statistics on this blog and see some of the random things that I'll get hits from. Out of the 48 hits I've gotten from search engines this month, these were the five most amusing keywords:
  • photos of the inside of photoautotroph
  • flexing the butt, singing
  • how many children does kurt bestor have
  • how is going these days
  • brother kills sister wrestling
For the people who searched hoping to find information on photoatuotrophs, Kurt Bestor, or accidental deaths of a sibling, it's just a shame what they didn't get the information they needed, but crazy that they got to this site. For the other two...who the heck searches "flexing the butt, singing" or "how is going these days" (I can't even imagine what they were looking for when searching this)?

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