Aug 26, 2007

Happy birthday to me...

Yes, it's my blog's birthday. Last August 26th I published my first post on what has become a very necessary part of my life. I've enjoyed writing here and plan to continue for some time. I hope you've all enjoyed reading. One-hundred-seventy-nine posts strong, baby! And congratulations/thanks to those few who started out reading this and still do and have read every single post over this year.

I definitely thought about writing another post quickly this morning before posting this so that I could say "One-hundred-eighty posts strong, baby!", but I need to get ready for church (my first day with the 8:30 am schedule, ugh) and it would be something completely useless. I just like even numbers so much more than odd plus multiples of ten always put you into the next bracket of having a lot of something...if that makes sense.

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Rachael said...

Congratulations! Amazing how addicting this blogging thing is, eh?