Aug 31, 2007

I like John Edwards

I always have. He seems honest. Yes, he's rich and white, but that doesn't mean he isn't sincere. Two articles from Time (one's a little long, but both are worth reading, in my opinion):

John Edwards Bets the Farm
No Baloney Candidate

Yes, he's not the most knowledgeable when it comes to foreign policy, but at least he admits it and disagrees with presidential micromanaging. Yes, his plans aren't perfect, but nobody's are. At least he has plans (I like Obama, but his rhetoric to actual plans ratio is a little high). But I love how ambitious he is for the country and not for himself. It's refreshing in a presidential candidate. He's been painted often as a hypocrite and, yes, he looks a little like a Ken doll, but I, at least, feel he's a sincere man. I think I've said this before on this blog, but I'm telling the tale again: When John Edwards first entered the national stage around 2003, it was during the years of my life when I only got my news from the radio. I liked the way he spoke and felt he was a very sincere man. It wasn't until later, when I saw him speaking on a TV, that I figured out where people get the idea that he's not very genuine. He looks political. Ah, well.

In other news, Rachael's blog recently had a link to a post I wrote last spring and it spawned in me a long perusal of my old posts, which I found very enjoyable. Perhaps I'm just self-centered. Is it weird that I really like reading my own blog?

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