Aug 9, 2007

Thanks Emilee, for another great article...

An interesting/funny read:

When Your Spouse is Hotter than You

I would like to discuss the ladder theory, but it's somebody else's and I'm afraid of screwing it up.

My thoughts: in some cases hot people aren't just hot people. A very few number of them have depth to them and want someone who isn't boring, as most hot people are. But it's got to be near impossible to find another hot person who's also interesting, so you go for a not as hot person and it's great for you. And people shouldn't make comments about it because they're probably happier than a hot/hot couple.

On a semi-related note: at Wendy's yesterday, Allison, Emilee, Melanie, and I were discussing quirkiness and determined that quirky people need quirky people. The four of us are all very quirky and that's why we get along. Other quirky people mesh really well into our group of friends, regardless of what those quirks are. Normal people get judged in our group. We'll be friends with normal people, but's boring to talk to people that aren't at least a little odd. None of us could ever date someone who doesn't have a few peculiarities about them.

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