Aug 3, 2007

How things are going these days...

  • It's been about the job hunt lately. I've interviewed at a few places and submitted resumes/applications at more. If anyone has any leads on full-time work, I'll gladly take them.
  • I played Guitar Hero for the first time this week (briefly, in a store). I think I would've done better with Sousaphone Hero.
  • Twice this month I've bitten off all my nails for no reason.
  • There is nothing you can't do if you just have a plethora of good cardigans at your disposal. I wish I had money, it's time to start thinking about fall clothes again (sure it's still ages away, but you have to start thinking early on or you're at a total loss once you need it, like a day that
  • I cried watching the music video for Avril Lavigne's "When You're Gone" today when I came across it channel surfing. Yes friends, it's a few days before my period yet again. It's not a spectacular song, but come on, the old man crying holding his dead wife's old clothes? It's beautiful.
  • And for no reason other than there is too much hate in the world:


Rachael said...

I think I would have been good at Golckenspiel Hero. Too bad they're not releasing it anymore. :)

Anonymous said...

andrea, i stumbled across your blog...thought i'd say hi, and definitely good choice with the FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORD clip....bret and jemaine make me happpyyy.

-betty yeeeeee