Sep 22, 2007

Collect 'em All

  • Yesterday at work I got to explain to the whole department essentially everything I learned in that classic book What Makes You Cough, Sneeze, Burp, Hiccup, Yawn, Blink, Sweat, and Shiver. Ah, the useful little science books I had as a child and how not enough people read their children those books and how I'm smarter than many because of it.
  • I heard the song "Bad to the Bone" the other day and I suddenly realized much singing "buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-baaad", means one is not really that bad.
  • I've found my internetting time has gotten a lot less productive lately. I used to have a million things to look up every time I'd get on a computer, it seems. But these days I get on, check my email, scan over the news headlines (I don't read the articles unless they're about something vitally important like Britney Spears), and then sit there and say "now what?"
  • My brother Jared confessed to me in an email that his favorite thing to drink these days is Mountain Dew. My mother would die if she knew. Oh how going on a mission corrupts a child.
  • There is nothing more amusing than getting hit on when you're making a collection call. What are these people thinking? First of all, they have no idea what I look like or even anything other than the slimmest whiffs of my personality. Second of all, why the heck would I be interested in someone that I know for a fact has less than $50 to their name because the card I just ran for $50 came back declined (or whatever the case may be).
  • I hate nothing more than those shirts that say "Flirt" or "Because I'm the Princess, That's Why" or "Boy Scouting" or "My Boyfriend's Hotter than Yours" or whatever else (you know the sort) on a girl that doesn't fall into the following age ranges: 4.5-5, 12.5-12.8.
  • The radio station we listen to at work always plays this clip that has a man's voice: "The most 80s," then a women's voice: "You never get tired of those songs," and there is nothing I'm more tired of than hearing that woman say she never gets tired of those songs. It drives me freaking nuts.
  • BYU's win over Air Force today was good for the spirits. I hated having a losing season going even if it was only three weeks in and we were 1-2. It's unacceptable. But a strong win against our first Mountain West opponent of the season (and a supposedly good opponent, too) was heartening.
  • I keep on thinking that O.J. Simpson is gone. But then he shows up again, making news, bursting into casinos and stealing stuff and expecting it to just stay in Vegas. Man, this guy thinks he can get away with murder.
  • When I was a child, I'd sing "Jack and Diane" as "Mark and Diane" after my dear parents and never got why my mother didn't like it.
  • I love that I'm the fashion consultant in my apartment these days. Whenever someone has a "Does this outfit work?" moment or a "What can I wear with this?" moment or a "What's the best thing to wear for [insert occasion here]?" moment, the answer always is, "Go ask Andrea." It rocks. I love having unquestionably good taste amongst the simple.


Anonymous said...

congratulations, young grasshoper

Rachael said...

The wisdom of children's books. Also an interest in fashion. I'm the go-to in my apartment as well. Quote from this weekend: "I can tell you like fashion because you always look good". Right. They obviously haven't know me very long.