Sep 12, 2007

An update

I don't know when five days became "You haven't updated in forever", but here I am with an update.

I am an employed woman these days, so my days are busier. I'm also not allowed extracurricular internetting with this job, so there might be less of me on this blog. Though there are no guarantees (it might be more of me, so feel free to continue checking this site several times a day, as I know you do).

As part of the hiring process, I signed a paper saying I wouldn't write anything negative about the company I work for on forums or blogs or anything else on the internet. So I'll never say the company name on this blog, as I decided that it's far more important to me to be able to complain about the company than to say where I work. If you really have a need to know, just ask me, but it cannot be published on a site that a quick search for the company name would pull up. From here on out, the company will be referred to as Company H, because the letter "H" may or may not be the first letter of the company name (hint: it is). I'm sure you'll hear plenty about Company H as time goes on as I already have much to say and have only worked there for two days, but for now, I must go to bed.


Trev said...

Ha ha ha. "Company H". You're brilliant. Did you know that? I believe you have stolen my heart.

James said...

My guess - hooters. first thing that came to mind. okay, second, first was harris.

Andrea said...

Lol, naturally Hooters was the first thing to come to mind for you. And we all know I don't have the breasts for that.