Sep 3, 2007

Part II

Most of you know that my boyfriend (hereafter referred to as "Trevor") is in a band (hereafter referred to as "Part II"). Their first show is this Saturday (Sept 8th) at 8 (pm) at Bruce's house (1715 N 500 E), and they should be playing in a battle of the bands thing next week Friday (Sept 14th) in the Ream's parking lot (I have no idea what time, but you'll be notified). So those of you in the Provo area, go see them. It'll be a grand ol' time.

For some time now, it has been on my to-do list to figure out how to insert music onto my blog. I've wanted to on other occasions, but I had to do it for this post, as I've had many friends ask what sort of music Trevor's band plays or how good they are or whatever. So using my limited knowledge of html and the numerous forums, etc., set up to help kids who don't know anything about the internet put things on their myspace pages, I now present to you Part II (feat. Trevor doing vocals and rhythm guitar, his brother Tylor on lead guitar and Bruce on drums):


Trev said...

I'm very impressed, beautiful. That's some quality work you have there. The music's not too bad either. Ha haaa! ;)

Anonymous said...

...and thanks for the TEOTH shout out! i know that was for me and for the old times