Sep 18, 2007

Tip of the Day

I was looking at Nate's profile on facebook the other day and came across a quote from me: "Just because I'm not as aggressive of a Q-tipper as you doesn't mean I'm not as passionate of a Q-tipper." It has inspired a post about how much I love Q-tips. Please forgive me.

Nate and I used to have contests to see who could go the longest without Q-tipping their ears. When that didn't work out so well, we agreed that we'd only Q-tip on Saturdays and we'd do it together. This led to many mid-week confessions ("Andrea, I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...I Q-tipped on Wednesday.") and a great deal of development in my self control.

About a year ago, I discovered wet Q-tipping. It's a joy. Just run the tip under water briefly and then swab as you normally would. The first few times you mostly just think, "I just gave myself a wet willy, what was I thinking?", but then you realize how much cleaner it feels. It's not as abrasive, but feels just as satisfying.

I'll go to bed before I get too into this subject. Nobody wants to read about my favorite types of earwax, etc. Good night.


Anonymous said...

I do...not that i haven't heard many a discourse already, but i always enjoy a refresher

Trev said...

I never truly appreciated q-tipping... til there was youuuuuu! I'm giving you a NW when I see you.

Rachael said...

I too am addicted to q-tipping. I 'tip multiple times a day. I have gone through a 500 count box in less than a month. I think I have a problem.

We should form Q-Tippers Anonymous.