Sep 6, 2007

I believe that pets should have people names.

My roommates and I talked pet names last night while I cut Monique's hair. I believe that pets should have people names. That's my stance on the matter. It's degrading to name your animal Spooky or Oreo or Rufus or whatever. I told my roommates that my sister has a fish named Igor Stravinsky. That's when the crickets went off.

Trevor and I have a dream of owning a cat and naming it General Sterling Snedigar Price. In the films True Grit and Rooster Cogburn, John Wayne's character has a cat named General Sterling Price. I've been meaning to research if that was a real person or not, and did it today. Sterling Price was a Civil War general who retreated to Mexico rather than surrender to the Union at the end of the war and was leader of a Confederate exile colony there. And the Snedigar part is just plain necessary, as anyone who knows our dear friend Sterling Snedigar could attest to.


Anonymous said...

I see this cat being a black one with a little white patch on his sterling

Rachael said...

I agree. Our cat named Whiskers has long felt the humiliating effects of his name. He's turned into one of those skittish creatures who hides under the bed to avoid recognition.

We've also started naming pets using the Audobon field guides. I was pulling for Wooly Ragwort for our new dog, but we named her Jenny instead.

Allison said...

I'm not entirely in agreement, but I can somewhat understand. I mean, my grandpa always calls his horses by people names. And when I was a freshman I named my goldfish Moron and Nimrod...after people from the Book of Mormon. support of your argument, after the school year ended and I sent Nimrod to live with with some loving children in Springville who renamed him 'Kindly' (clearly not a person name), he died only 3 days later (bless his heart). But still, if I had a pet goat...I make no promises that it won't be named after an Indian city. that is all.

Anonymous said...

I like this idea! I'm so sad I've just bareley read it. I miss you guys!!
Sterling Snedigar