Sep 12, 2007

Ah, living with people that are nothing like me...

Please join me in awe of the following conversation I had with my roommate Monique Monday morning (the only prerequisite is knowing that Monique works at the McKay Events Center).

Monique: Have you ever heard of the Smashing Pumpkins?

Me (thinking, Who on earth hasn't heard of Smashing Pumpkins? If you'd asked me before this moment to estimate how many people I know who have never heard of Smashing Pumpkins I would have guessed less than 2%, though I'm now suddenly doubting my existence): Yeah, why?

Monique: I think I'm working their show tonight.

Me (thinking, I'm positive they aren't coming until later this month): Are you sure? I didn't know they were coming so soon. If I had a single dime to my name I'd be going to that concert, but that's unfortunately not the case. Also, I'd be going to see Muse, I think they're coming this week.

Monique: Oh, that's right, I'm working the show for the Muse tonight.

Me (thinking, "The Muse"? Where do these people come from?): I'm so jealous, you basically get paid to go to all these concerts don't you?

Monique: Yeah, but once they start, I normally go out in the hall; the concert are loud and smell like pot and I don't usually like the music.

Me (thinking, The loudness and the pot smell are part of the rock concert experience and there are a lot of good bands playing at the McKay Center this fall and I bet you won't appreciate any of them and what a shame that is): Fair enough.

Monique: It gets better later in the year when there are more sports events and around Christmastime when they get classical artists like Kurt Bestor.

Me (thinking, Kurt Bestor is not a classical artist, more like Mormon pop): there's no way you can sneak someone into a concert is there?

Monique: No, I can't. A bunch of my friends were asking me that back when Fall Out Boy and the All-American Rejects came.

Me (thinking, That's because your friends have horrific taste): If you're going to break into a concert why would you do Fall Out Boy and the All-American Rejects?

Monique: I know, they were pretty dirty.

Me (thinking, Foul mouths are part of the rock concert experience, it has nothing to do with that comment): Yeah.

Monique: I hope the Muse keep it clean tonight.

Me (thinking, I was hoping the "the" was an accident before, but it apparently is what she really thinks they go by): Yeah, I suppose you'll see. See you later.

And for those wondering, she wasn't working Smashing Pumpkins or Muse on Monday. The Pumpkins come on the 28th (as I thought) and Muse plays tonight and I wish I were there right now, but what can you do when you're poor? The show she worked was Modest Mouse, so nothing to get excited about. (My thoughts on Modest Mouse: I don't know them well enough to pass judgment, but lots of people with questionable music taste like them, so I doubt they're any good.)


Rachael said...

I haven't been having that particular conversation. I've been having one that goes more along the lines of my roommates screaming "Spawn of Satan" (except more Molly Mormon variation of that phrase) at me for reading the Communist Manifesto. It's lovely.

Trev said...

It hurts me inside to know people like that really exist. I fear for the future of mankind.

Anonymous said...

trevor- i thought you saw a "glimmer of hope" in monique, i guess that glimmer was smothered by this report, yes?