Sep 12, 2007


Company H does web design, so obviously I've been sitting around in training thinking about all the cool things you can do to websites and I've been compelled to play with the blog. Of course, working for Company H doesn't mean I'm really qualified to play with html, especially as I'm in the Accounting Department, but still, I can't resist the lure of play. I screwed up the old design enough that I've had to pick a new template and just keep it with that for a while. I'm going to have something spectacular soon, but for now it's one of the better of the templates that Blogger gives me. So that's why there's a new look, and it's not going to stay with this one for long even though it's a good one, because obviously it's more fun to invent my own. It's just slow because it's a whole lot of trial and error.

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