Sep 4, 2007

This report will challenge everything you ever thought...oh, wait

Every once in a while a study is released that makes me go "duh". Here's a prime example:


Trev said...

I actually read this study last night and rolled my eyes like eight times. What could we do with all the money wasted on worthless studies? Probably cure cancer. Or at least stupidity.

Rachael said...

Seriously. I could have told you that by walking around any town/city/campus in the world, and looking at the men and women who are together. And then they could give me the million dollars they spent on that stupid study.

And I think cancer might be easier to cure than stupidity. After all, stupidity brought us this lovely study.

Trev said...

Touche. An excellent point, dear Rachael. We need to collaborate on some kind of literary endeavor to fight the epidemic.