Oct 16, 2007

Halloween Costuming

There are four events that I will attend this Halloween season that will require costuming. They are as follows:

Saturday before Halloween -- Monique's Halloween party in Payson. The roommates and I are going representing different high school cliques (a nerd, a cheerleader, a jock, etc.). I'm pretty sure I'm going to this one as an emo kid. Sweep the bangs in front of my eyes, wear tight jeans...and I've pretty much got it.

Monday before Halloween -- Ward FHE activity. I know little about this and therefore have little to say.

Halloween day at work -- The accounting department is going to become a jailhouse for Halloween. We're going to put up bars and have little potty chairs in each cubicle and some will dress up as law enforcement and some will dress up as inmates. I'm going to be an inmate and already have one of those fabulous orange jumpsuits on order. To make it more fun, each of us are going to be celebrities that have been to jail and have our cubicle and accessories individualized to whoever we're being. I, of course, wanted to be Paris Hilton as she's the most fun one I could think of and she is, as we all know, my celebrity boob twin. However, Kylee is tall and blonde and gets to be Paris. It's fairly settled that I'll be Winona Ryder. Because she has short brown hair and kleptomanic tendencies just like me. I don't think she ever actually went to jail, but she's still a celebrity that got in trouble with the law in a high profile case in recent memory, so she's fair game. And she's dated a lot of hot actors and even more hot rockers, so whatever, I can be her.

Halloween evening -- Costume dance party at my apartment. More planning needs to be put into this as soon as possible. I don't really want to be an emo kid or Winona Ryder for this event, so will probably need to put together yet another costume of some sort. But come and bring your friends. There'll be a facebook event up within the next couple days for this as soon as we settle on a time.

Anyway, I'm posting this to the world for help. Any ideas for making a truly great emo kid costume? Any ideas for how the heck to make a Winona Ryder costume outside of just wearing an orange jumpsuit and a name tag that says "Winona Ryder" (because somehow whenever I think about Winona Ryder, the only thing that comes to mind is Audrey Grisham ranting about how gross the spit strand is when she kisses Christian Bale in Little Women, and I'm pretty sure nobody would get it if I had a spit strand hanging from my mouth as part of my costume, though if I could somehow kiss Christian Bale, that would be okay with me (I'm putting him on my list, okay Trevor? You can kiss Angelina Jolie any time you have the chance and I can kiss Christian Bale any time I have the chance and it's fair game.))? And for the extracurricular costuming...any ideas at all?


Trev said...

*sigh* Fine. What is it with every woman ever and Christian Bale? He can't be that hot. I refuse to believe it. I'm the only man granted that gift.

Anonymous said...

emo kid: tight black band shirt over thermal long sleeve, it is a dead ringer

what the h am i going to be? merideth grey? no, people will just think i am a doctor and that is stupid! we need to conference

Rachael said...

My roommates and I are going as our fhe brothers to the ward/fhe party. Kind of lame, but easy, and fun, and they're all basically characters, although I love wearing pretty or truly creative costumes.

The ward party is the only Halloween costume event I get to do this year, which I'm sad about. My boss has decided to be nazi this year and said we cannot wear costumes. We may get fired if we do. And I have a night class Halloween night, and while we might have candy, costumes will be frowned upon.

Anonymous said...

rachael, i read "my boss has decided to be a nazi this year..." well, yeah you can imagine my reaction before reading on. I thought we all learned from prince harry's experience a few years back

Rachael said...

Thought you might enjoy this:

Also, as for Winona, weren't there like "free Winona" t-shirts everywhere when she got arrested a few years back? If you could get your hands on one of those, then maybe leave the jumpsuit half unbuttoned to show it...