Jun 26, 2007


A group that I would love to see in concert:


(And here is where I spend a long time trying to come up with some clever one-line something using song lyrics or some other music reference to end this post with, but everything I could come up with was either a) way too obscure, b) used songs that I hate, or c) just didn't fit well enough. I spent the most time working with, "It's better to burn out than to fade away," but as nice as the "fade away" bit fits into this (I admire that these people aren't just fading off into being old), the burn out is just too negative (though necessary or nobody would catch the Neil Young/Kurt Cobain reference). Such is life, though. I can't be perfectly clever all the time. At least I didn't just give in to "they sure bring sexy back," or something equally easy, unoriginal (Al Gore has used it for crying out loud!*), and useless.)

*it's true: last year he said at the VMA's that he wouldn't have come but then he heard that "Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back, so here I am." On a semi-related note: one of the best moments of my life was that day in early 2004 that I was innocently driving around West Lafayette listening to NPR and the market analyst guy said, "But then there was some news that would shake the industry like a Polaroid picture" or something to that effect. He wasn't even talking about the music industry, and he just said it straight and finished his story and it was the funniest thing ever. Again, I would never use something that easy myself, but from a market analyst on NPR? Hilarious.


Anonymous said...

1. i am going with you
2. this is my favorite part:Cilman has paired them with a gay men's chorus and a troupe of break dancers. -maybe next time they can feature our crew

The Claysons said...

Wow, that's so cool! I would come up with an original thought, but it's too early. Can I come too?