Jun 20, 2007

How did I live life before facebook?

Why facebook is bad: I log on and the first thing I see is a picture someone tagged of a guy I had a crush on some time ago hugging some girl I've never seen before. I look into the album and find there are numerous pictures of the two of them together. I haven't even thought about him in months, but jealousy overcomes me.

Why facebook is good: I look at both of their profiles. They are both single. I have time. She wrote something fairly idiotic on his wall. Good thing. On her favorite music list is The All-American Rejects and on her favorite books list are the Work and the Glory books. Okay, she has horrible taste. Excellent. If he wants her, then he doesn't deserve me. I am at peace and feeling superior.

Why facebook is bad: I realize that several minutes of my day have passed and I've done nothing even remotely productive.

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