Jun 8, 2007

Best Website Ever

Inspired by the fact that the theme song from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is stuck in my head for no apparent reason, I thought to check out ilike2learn.com for the first time in several months. They have added several new quizzes on their website since I last visited. I'm pretty sure this means I won't be doing any homework for several weeks. There's something about knowing geography that really does something for me. When someone mentions a place, I want to be able to picture it on a map.

Before I did any of the capital quizzes on ilike2learn, I quizzed myself on the world capitals with my own sheet, and I'm sad to report that I only knew 64.9% of them on a cold run. I don't use the knowledge of many of them often enough to retain the information. I'm sure that just looking over the list once would dramatically improve my score, though, as I've learned them all before, it just takes reminding. Knowing 126 of the world capitals is still better than I could've done before that fateful day a couple years ago that I decided knowledge of the world's capitals was something I needed to have, but it's always hard to not know something that I used to know. Also, the finer points of calculus.

Here is a picture of Carmen Sandiego:

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Rachael said...

Sheesh, thanks for introducing me to a new internet addication.