Jul 11, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Yes, I'm one of those nerds that goes to midnight showings of Harry Potter every couple of years. My thoughts on the newest addition which I watched last night:
  • Whoever did the casting for this one did an excellent job. Without exception (that I can think of) all of the new characters were just what I wanted. Umbridge was exactly what I imagined from the books: sickening wardrobe, that voice, and terrifying. Luna was loony and lovable as she ought to have been. Bellatrix Lestrange scared the crap out of me but was somehow really hot, which is just what I expected of her.
  • The cutting up of the book for this film was also quite well done. I wanted to see more of the Umbridge vs. other professors at Hogwarts battle; I wanted to see Harry's story published in The Quibbler; I wanted to see Cho crying all over Harry on Valentine's Day; I wanted some of the side characters that were newly introduced (Tonks, Kreacher, etc.) to have bigger roles. However, none of this is crucial and I'm glad that they kept the film at a reasonable length while still telling the story effectively.
  • You have to just overlook how much Emma Watson sucks to enjoy these films. She tries far too hard to act and her eyebrow dance (look for it, she can't keep them still in her attempt to be expressive) drives me nuts. But she's pretty so I can't dislike her. I have this problem with many actresses. Call me shallow because I realize it is, but any actress that is pretty gets a lot of leeway in my mind regardless of talent. Hermoine isn't even supposed to be pretty, but still...
  • Pretty much all of the Weasley boys are super hot. I knew this from the books, but it wasn't until this film that it was evident. Ron is old enough to be an attractive guy by now. Fred and George are better looking in this film than any of the past ones (which is excellent because their characters are more awesome in Order than any of the other books). Even Percy (the two seconds you see of him) was pretty good looking, even though his character in this book causes all sorts of grief.
  • I'm dying for the last book to come out. And I'm nervous that someone's going to give away the ending before I finish it. It happened with The Half-Blood Prince but it'd be even more horrible with this one. Particularly if Harry's a goner, which I wouldn't be surprised with at all.

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Rachael said...

Excellent. The movies change Friday here, and I'm so going to see HP as soon as I can. And I can't wait till the book comes out (in like 10 days!). I thought I was going to have to work that day, and I was sad, although I would stop at the WalMart on my way out of town and pick up a copy, I wouldn't get to read it till late that evening, and then stay up all night and then sleep through church. It's better this way.