Nov 15, 2006

A Theory

Two mysteries of life: 1) When you put four socks in the wash and at the end of the process only have three, what happened to the other sock? 2) Just one load of laundry produces enough lint that you'd think you'd miss all of that fabric on your clothes...where does it come from?

On the way to Salt Lake on Saturday, I learned of a theory that must be given merit on the sole basis of creativity: there is a vast conspiracy between cotton growers and dryer manufacturers. Dryers are all equipped with a sensor that finds socks and pulls one out each load. This sock is then incinerated and the byproduct is deposited on the lint catcher. So people have to buy more socks. Cotton growers are either paying or blackmailing the dryer manufacturers for this. I hope it's blackmail.

Thank you Matt and Brian.

P.S. I safety pin my socks together when I put them in the dirty clothes basket. If you aren't doing this, do it. It'll change your life. I'm told that it prevents the dryer from sensing it as a pair of socks.

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Anonymous said...

you forgot to credit me for the safety pin thing, and then if i ever write a blog i will credit real simple mag.