Nov 3, 2006

Des Moines

It's one of those tired of everything kind of months. I'm considering moving to Iowa. Or changing my major to math. One or the other.

But I'm not quitting my job until after November 8th. I'm counting down to that day as if it were Christmas. You see, if someone has promised payments, but we haven't gotten any for three months, then we can sue them. When I started here, I got a ton of debtors that had their checks returned on August 8th, because that's when I first got my own pool of debtors. There are still a good 30-40 people that had checks returned on the August 8th that haven't paid in full in my pool. I of course don't have the right info for all of them, and some of them are faithfully making payments, but...there are still quite a few people that I get to go legal on in five days. I can't wait. You get your money a lot faster when you're garnishing their wages. And then I won't have to deal with them any longer. Yes, I'm a cold calloused collector.

But after November 8th, I'm off, you hear me?

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