Nov 23, 2006

I Love To Eat The Temple: Part II

You may recall the fateful day freshman year that Melanie and I made a replica of the Salt Lake Temple out of sugar cubes:Well, on Sunday we totally outdid ourselves. It was Melanie's genius idea.
It took basically my entire day. But it was worth it.Yes, those are cheese cubes. (That people actually ate! They didn't have to know that my hands had been all over it all day.)And yes, that's me looking really creepy. But as chief architect, I think I deserve to look however I want.I know that it's not technically a competition. But we definitely won sweet swap. (Don't worry, we had legitimate treats provided as well.) Do try this at home. It's a good Sabbath activity. I recommend using something softer than cheddar, it was tough to work with. The mozzarella worked nicely, though.

My thanks go out to Ellie, who was the only person who took the project as seriously as I did. Without her, it would've never happened. Emilee and Melanie totally pooped out only two hours into construction.

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