Nov 21, 2006

Pack It Up

It is time to decide what to wear for the days in St. George for Thanksgiving. The rules for packing clothes when seeing my family:
  1. Pack as many new clothes as possible so that my sisters can think I'm cool.
  2. Pack at least one item that my mother might question, so that I can either get away with it and therefore feel like I'm not a scandalous dresser, or assert my independence with something like "I'm twenty years old, Mom, I think I can dress myself," when she questions.
  3. Pack at least one item that my mother will definitely not question, but think is adorable so that she doesn't think she has failed as a mother.
  4. Pack as many accessories and smallish clothes as is reasonable so that my sisters can borrow them and love me.
  5. Pack at least one item that rouses nostalgia, such as a pep band tee or a piece of jewelry made at Girl's Camp, so that we can have those fabulous trips down memory lane.

The trouble is, I'm not going to be there for very long. I've got two outfits to try to get all the rules in. Three if you count pajamas.


Tim said...

Regarding number 2: You might THINK to yourself "Look, Mom, I'm 20 years old. I can dress myself!" But we all know that in that moment you'll just say "okay," then you'll go and change out of that scandalous shirt before your mother notices it again.

Do not underestimate the persuasive powers of The Diane, folks. It's unbelievable what this woman could persuade you to do. One time, for example, she convinced me -- with nothing else but a smile and a pat on the back -- to cut off my right baby toe while wearing a "Three Cheers for Don Rumsfeld!" t-shirt, two things that I normally would never have thought of doing. Very persuasive, this Diane.



Anonymous said...

...and the number 2 item is the frock, isn't it?