Nov 22, 2006

I feel like such a moron...

So I thought that my uncle was coming to pick me up tonight to take me down to St. George for Thanksgiving. When I talked to him he said he'd be here at eight to pick me up. I got off work an hour early so that I could walk home in time for them to get me. I waited at home for an hour and a half and finally called to see what was up. Apparently he meant eight tomorrow morning.

And everything I have to do is in my cubicle at work. I thought that I wouldn't have any time to do anything until I got back to work on Friday because I'd be in St. George the whole time. So I'm home alone with no school supplies and without the book I'm reading and without the supplies for a little project I'm working on that I'm not going to announce to the public yet (which would've been perfect for tonight because I have no roommates home).

I wish people would use military time. It makes a thousand times more sense.

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