Nov 1, 2006

All Hallows' Eve

Your normal Halloween festivities. Nothing too exciting to report. Everyone dressed up at work and didn't work really all day. And ate too many donuts.

My coworker Rozy: You can tell which guys work in the software department because they're wearing Star Trek and Lord of the Rings costumes.

I have a confession to make. I realize that this will cause many to judge me, but, nonetheless: I was once Spock from Star Trek for Halloween. But it gets worse: All of my siblings (or most anyway, I don't remember if it was all or not) were also Star Trek characters. But it gets worse: We decorated our wagon to be the Starship Enterprise and took that around with us. But it gets worse: Inside the wagon we had a cassette player playing the music from Star Trek. And I think it might've all been my idea, though I don't remember that clearly.

My million-year-old U.S. History professor last year on Halloween: It's a shame nobody dressed up for Halloween today. I would've done it if I was allowed to. Some of those Darth Vadar masks they have these days...whew, realistic.

And the evening ended with a program about exorcism on the History Channel with Emilee that completely freaked us out. I think I prefer the evenings that end with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant kissing on the streets of New York to the evenings that end with demon-possessed people crawling and writhing around on the floor.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but remember when we used to pretend that your station wagon was the Millenium Falcon in disguise?

Andrea said...

lol...How could I forget? And we were older than I would admit to when this was happening.

P.S. You of course would post anonymous on this one, but I'll call you out Laura.

Rachael said...

I also remember that...and sitting in the back back sideways seats. Wow, those were the days, eh?