Nov 17, 2006

How do I still have an hour left of work?

I spend my days kind of working and mostly reading stuff (I hate the word "stuff", but nothing else fits) on the internet. The morning begins with the news and related research. It can go anywhere from there with my attention still fixed. But the last couple hours of work...there's nothing left to read about that will hold my interest and I'm halfheartedly reading the blogs of friends of friends that I don't care about or...looking up the nutrition facts to everything I've eaten in the last week or some such ridiculous and pointless activity. Most of it involves learning facts that will never come in handy but will stick with me forever, while I still routinely forget my siblings' birthdays.

The first recorded use of "Joy to the World, Barney's Dead" was in Foster City, CA. (Wikipedia on anti-Barney I ever got to that subject beats me.)

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