May 30, 2007

Why Iowa?

  1. I don't know a single person in Iowa. Fresh start. No past embarrassments.
  2. Cold winters, warm summers, temperate falls and springs. Weather like it ought to be.
  3. Caucuses. Swing state. Early primaries.
  4. Seemingly down-to-earth. Seemingly friendly.
  5. I've only driven through it once. Mystery. Adventure.
  6. I'm fascinated with rural America. Flat. Folks with old-fashioned values plus tractors.
  7. More vowels than consonants. Fun to say.
  8. Desire to be unique. Nobody runs away to Iowa.

1 comment:

Rachael said...

Ah. Those are excellent reasons. Perhaps I should also run away to Iowa. Or maybe...Ontario. Just to be different. :)