May 23, 2007

Playlisting/Facebook Addiction

I really like planning dance parties. Particularly putting together playlists. So the scenario for the world is this: You are putting together a playlist for a dance party and want to throw in some nostalgia pieces. To meet your Will Smith quota, do you play "Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It" or "Miami"? To meet your Destiny's Child quota do you play "Survivor" or "Jumpin'"? And then how much of the Backstreet/NSync/Britney genre are you allowed to play before all the males leave your party? Have we reached the day and age where you're allowed to have a dance party that doesn't play "Yeah" by Usher, or is it still too soon? Can you even play Destiny's Child if you're doing later Beyonce songs, or is it too much? Same question, but insert 'NSync and Justin. Where the heck is that one Timbaland song that we all love but can only find on the movie You Got Served?

I wouldn't call myself a facebook addict by any means. I know several people who are far worse than I am. But when I create an event on facebook, there is nothing that can stop me from checking every ten minutes to see if someone new is attending, see if there's someone else I should invite, see if anybody's posted on the wall for it, etc. I will be able to think of nothing but the facebook page for Emilee and Sterling's birthday party until the party is over Saturday night. Which is a shame because I have other things I need to do before then.

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Anonymous said...

don't worry, we will know whether we are playing "gettin' jiggy wit it" or "miami" in a matter of minutes and then your mind can be at peace.