May 23, 2007

Two Thoughts Concerning Kevin Bacon:

1) My cousin got married to a girl named Devon Bacon last weekend. Ever since I met her last summer, I've thought there was something fishy about her name and assumed it was because it's a traditionally male first name. It took my mother misspelling it as "Devin Bacon" for me to realize what it really was: her name rhymes with Kevin Bacon. What a shame.

2) My friend/old roommate, Emilee, had a friend, Kristin, who's mom was once in a play with Kevin Bacon. Yes, that's a mere four degrees. Thank you. (I may actually have some facts wrong on this...I'll talk to Emilee and edit if needed later.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

her ex boyfriend was in a play with KB, but since i know my friend's mom and you know me that is still four degrees...