May 21, 2007

The Usual

  • The best classes are the ones where you don't know what's going to happen next. I think that's why I miss math so much, you always knew you were building up to something, but you didn't know what. And then it all comes together later and you can use the math to do really cool things. My Modern Latin America class is so much fun for the same reason. I have such a limited knowledge of Latin American history (there were the conquistadors, then, umm...the Panama Canal, and whatever-the-heck Cinqo de Mayo is celebrating happened somewhere in there, and then Castro in Cuba...the end.) It's so much fun because I'll be reading about a revolution in Bolivia and have no idea if it's going to turn out successfully until I get a few more pages into my textbook (where, inevitably, every revolution fails).
  • Sometimes when I'm in a bathroom stall in a bathroom that I don't go into often, I have the thought come to me with such force that I know it must be true: I am in a men's restroom. I try to remember going into the restroom. I can't remember seeing the sign with the woman on it when coming in. I didn't notice any urinals, but I might've just missed them. I wait until I hear no sounds and the bathroom is empty before I come out of the stall. I hurry and wash my hands, nervous that someone's going to walk in on me and I'll be caught. Then I walk out and the nightmare is over. Of course it was a women's restroom. I don't think I've ever accidently gone into a men's restroom. I don't know why I'm so paranoid about it, but I've gone through this routine more often than I'd like to admit to.
  • The phrase "Old friends, new lovers, and the disabled - Welcome all!" has been playing on repeat through my head as if I were on the Disneyland trip again. In Ian Shepley's voice rather than Michael Scott's, because I've heard it so many more times that way. It's really rather fitting for me these days, though.


Anonymous said...

who are the disabled? (that is kind of a rude thing to say about allison) :) and why have you changed your archives to espanol? i likey (obvi)

Millyissa said...

I totaly know what you mean about the math! You try to guess what will happen, but looking ahead is somehow cheeting, or just really geeky.
About the bathroom, I have done that too. Especialy when we lived in Indiana, or on base or something. Here at Burroughs, the bathrooms are in entirly differant halls, not to mention the fact that I think all but one male restroom is closed because that was where the bomb threaghts were made, so it really dosn't work.