May 30, 2007

Nate the Nerd

My brother Nate is about as much of a nerd as one can be while still being likeable. Allow me to present the evidence. Here is an email he sent me last night:
holy cow! what did you get me into. Now that I've sort of started up facebook again it seems like everyone's attacking me. I'm up to 21 friends now. I know you have way more, but this is pretty rapid growth. You have more friends than I, but my d[friends]/dt is greater than yours in the domain time is greater than when I got back on facebook.
Oh yeah, that reminds me. A few days ago I heard one of my new favorite quotes. It describes perfectly what life is like in my classes after the AP test. Here it is (the setting is a bunch of us overlooking a chess game in Calculus):
"Hey look! the Queen is a rotational solid!"-Greg Philbrick
As if just playing chess wasn't geeky enough. We then discussed which other peices were rotational solids and why they are or aren't in the most common types of chess sets.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait until he is out here next year!

-e to the izzle