May 9, 2007

Looking for a new school bag

My backpack, as aforementioned, is gone. My school bag for the last few days has been my trash purse (found it in a trash can and fine condition while working custodial a couple years ago, it's been a good friend since), but I need something I can fit my things in properly soon, so I've been looking at bags. I don't really want to go back to a backpack. It's too hard to pull things out of when you're wearing them and they take my jackets/coats/cardigans off with them when I take them off. They're just awkward. I'm going to go with some sort of messenger bag or tote, if I can find something that's just right. I didn't think I'd be this picky about it, but after quite a lot of looking, I haven't found anything that's just right enough to buy. Some I've looked at and liked:

This bag is cute enough and would serve my purposes size-wise, but I feel like it's too casual for days that I want to dress up. I need something more versatile. Also, while the flip-over top is okay, it's also kind of annoying to work around.

This bag is super cute (paisley is one of the best things ever invented) and is about what I'm looking for (there is a smaller interior pocket that you can't really see, and that's about all I need compartmentally), but it's about an inch too small in all directions for it to work for me. Also, I'd prefer a zip top so I don't have to worry about rain getting into it, though that's not a major concern.

This bag is just about perfect. It's exactly what I want style- and size- wise (I've always loved canvas bags with leather trim). And just about $200 over what I'm willing to pay for a new school bag.


Rachael said...

1) Cute, but not very you, post around middle school.

2) Adorable! But if it's even an inch too small, you'll hate it way too fast.

3) I love it, but gack! The prices on the things that are wonderful always take my breath away (in a bad way).

I'd check ebay.

Anonymous said...

I have seen some cuties at TJMAXX a few times we should explore, because as you know i am also on mission "become more chic" (although i would call yours mission "function...and fashion"


Tony Shaw said...
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